GameDev and game UI design

Newbies perform routine tasks, learn from senior developers. They go through different departments - from testers to game designers - and stop where they like best and their knowledge is most applicable. They must get the maximum understanding of each of the branches of this complex process and choose the desired path of development for themselves. First of all, you need to start small - to understand how the games in general work. For a quick start in development, ready-made engines will help you. The most popular and fairly simple game engine is Unity, which contains many tools to facilitate development (more difficult and more serious - Unreal Engine - C ++). To start developing, you need to have at least basic programming knowledge. In particular, the Unity engine requires knowledge of the C # language. That is, there should be an understanding of the basics of OOP, basic data structures. If we talk about development environments, then it can be both MS Visual Studio and other third-party solutions where it will be convenient for you to write code. A game developer is someone who develops games. However, this concept hides a lot of narrower specializations. Let's take a quick look at each of them:

Gameplay developers

They are responsible for the general mechanics of the game, works closely with game designers, 3D animators and other specialists.

UI and Client developers

These specialists do not work on the game world, but on what precedes it: menus, mobile game UI/UX design, transitions between game sections. Their task is to make the game comfortable even before the start of the passage - the first impression is always of great importance. For sure, 2D game ui design is a crucial part of any modern gamedev project. GameDev and game UI design

Engine developers

The engine developer creates special templates to simplify the work of other specialists: utilities and tools. Animation developers - develop all visuals. The specialist helps to breathe soul into games: clothes, environment of characters, tools, weapons. DevOps developers - in the hands of this specialist is the establishment of work with various clients and game services:, Ubisoft and others. Their task is to make it convenient for users to play online using third-party services.

Graphics programmers

They are to optimize games, make them less demanding in order to expand the audience. Back-end developers - they are responsible for the internal structure: servers, parsing, receiving data. They do not relate to the computer game itself, but have a great impact on its performance. Thus, there are a lot of directions in gamedev, and each candidate for a particular position has its own requirements.

What a game developer should be able to do

Depending on the chosen direction, specific skills will be required. If you are planning to become a game developer, you should take into account that learning game development is an ongoing activity, there are whole trees of development in different directions.