Best DTG Printer for Small Business

The apparel industry has gone through many changes in recent years with the advancement of technology in printing. Nowadays, DTG printing is all the rage in the industry due to its excellent performance and output quality.

Comparison tableTOP-3: PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press MachineTOP-3: VEVOR Heat Press MachineTOP-3: Upgraded Heat Press Machine 8 in 1SURPCOS Heat Press MachineePhotoInc New T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

If you are planning to create your own clothing line, large or small, you need a DTG printer for you. The sheer number of utilities these machines offer are too good to ignore.

TOP-6 Power Price Photo Discount
PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt 1400W $150-$300

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VEVOR Heat Press Machine 1050W $180-$300

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Upgraded Heat Press Machine, 8 in 1 850W $300-$500

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SURPCOS Heat Press Machine for T Shirts 900W $100-$180

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ePhotoInc New T-Shirt Heat Press Machine 1500W $150-$300

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COLOP e-Mark Electronic Marking Device <500W $300-$500

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Choosing the right direct-to-garment (DTG) printer for your business is critical if you want to create impressive custom equipment as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. But not everyone knows everything about DTG printers, so far too many entrepreneurs end up choosing inferior quality printers or that do not adequately meet their needs. So how can you make sure you're choosing the best DTG printer for your small business?

Let's take a look at the most popular DTG printers on the market and cover some of the pros and cons of each. Ultimately, what you choose will likely be a matter of personal preference. But it's important to know what to expect from each option.

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine for T Shirt

Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Price: $150-$300

Heating plate: hot press 15x15 inches. Voltage: 110V. Power: 1400 WBase plate made of silicone gel. Adjustable pressureReplaceable fuse: protect the machine from overheating and electrical short circuit silicone gel base plate pressure adjustableLCD control board: Fully digital temperature and time control. Temperature range: 0-750 F Time range: 0-999 sTeflon-coated heating plate: no longer requires coated metal sheets, is harmless to the cloth, is easy to clean and has an attractive appearance.

I am first making T-shirts for my llama hiking business in the Smoky Mountains. I researched the presses on the market and this turned out to be one of the best, but the reviews on Amazon don't reflect that. I was not sure about buying this printer due to the reviews posted on Amazon. I thought for a few hundred dollars it was worth it.

I took it out of the box and it had instructions (read where some presses don't). I already bought decals and t-shirts and started squeezing the first day. I've squeezed over 200 shirts so far and performed perfectly. I only made one mistake and that's because I rushed in and the print wasn't hot enough when I hit a transfer.

I thought a swing arm would be helpful as it moved the plate as you put the shirts in their position … I found that I was good enough to wear the shirt without burning myself.

I'd buy another one if I had to. Hope this was helpful to someone.

We purchased several heat presses in the "under $ 500" category. This has by far the most uniform temperatures on the top plate, tested with a laser. The silicone on the bed has nice rounded corners that the shirts don't stick to, yeah that's really a thing when you're doing loud volume! Over the past 3 months, this shirt has successfully squeezed over 2,500 shirts with no problems.

One problem we had was getting the correct pressure as the user only has one knob to turn and it's not a good way to set "60 psi". Our learning curve and solution: 1 Find out that the handle will snap into place and hold pressure on the shirt. If you have to hold it down, you are doing it wrong. Adjust the button in the upper back. # 2 Adjust it to the "hardest" point for the operator to press the handle to snap into place. This is the maximum pressure and that's okay! # 3 When you release it, be FAST! It will look much better for a "quick shot" than grabbing it and trying to lift it. The quickness will help the handle lift up and release the coating from the press.

VEVOR Heat Press Machine

Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Price: $180-$300

VERSATILE USE: The 5 attached accessories easily work on banners, blankets, hoodies, shirts, mugs, mugs, hats, caps, plates, vinyl, cotton, metal, canvas, ceramic, modal and even glass. The best choice for DIY enthusiasts.AFFORDABLE WITH BEST FIT: The 12 x 15 inch heat press plate accommodates most press uses and saves money compared to the larger size. The 6 "x 3" hat / cap press, 11 ounce mug press, 5 "and 6" plate press will surely cover all your innovations.Teflon Coated: The non-stick Teflon coated heat press plate provides additional protection to the tees by preventing sticking. The built-in buzzer will alert you when it's done.360 ° Oscillation: 360 ° rotation effectively protects you from the high temperature top plate during operation and transfers the vinyl from curling to the edges.Robust and robust: overheating protection, built-in circuit breaker to protect machines against power failure and overheating. The silicone gel pad can withstand 250 degrees Fahrenheit without spoiling, and the warm sponge pad will keep the heat constant. The 0-450 degree F temperature and 0-999 second timer in the dual LCD control panel give you full control as expected.

I had to wait a bit for my heat press due to delivery, but this machine works great. The salesperson has great communication and solved my problem right away. I would definitely recommend this product and company.
This is my first time using a heat press. Temperature setting instructions were easy. The timer doesn't always start when it should, but I usually just count. I love it and it has been great so far.

The unit arrived as shown in the picture and on time, maybe a day or two early. The instructions on how to work with the timer are not entirely clear and I'm not sure if it (the timer) just doesn't work or if I'm doing something wrong. I watched the video, read the attached instructions and didn't seem to help me get it to work. I asked my partner to take a look at it and I still didn't manage to get the timer to work :(. Wish it had more press mug sizes instead of some other accessories as this is what I basically do it for used, but Overall, for the price, this is a normal starter press if you don't mind manually calculating the heating cycle

Upgraded Heat Press Machine, 8 in 1

Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Price: $300-$500

[UPDATED HOT PRESS MACHINE] Shirt printing with 8 in 1 combination heat press machine. Heat transfer press Main parameters: heating panel: 12 "X15"; Heating plate: 5 "and 6"; Cup press: 11 Oz and 9 Oz and 12 Oz; Heating pad extended: 16 cm, heating pad for shell. Large Heat Press Design - The transfer press provides a large area to make your own personalized t-shirt etc.[360 ° ROTATION AND LARGE SCREEN DISPLAY] 360 ° swing design with heat press; Large t-shirt screen printing machine, button operation, simple and intuitive, the press with counting function can count the number of production. 3 MODES are free to change, can quickly create different products. Just press once, easy to start.[DOUBLE HEATING TUBE] Press transfer machine heating more evenly, and can improve the pressure effect by double heating tube design. Improved dual heating tube design, the precision reaches 5 degrees. This shirt printing machine can improve the printing effect.[A MULTI-PURPOSE PRESS] 5-in-1 heat press - Simple assembly and easy to stack products. The versatile function of a printing machine can greatly save production cost and reduce the production process, this printing machine kit can meet customers' demand. T-shirt heat press machine, perfect t-shirt printing machine for starting your own t-shirt business.[NEW DESIGN AND EASY PRINTING] Improved heat press-2 layers of heat-insulating cotton: when the working temperature reaches 200 °, the surface temperature of the press is about 50-70 °, the traditional press has a surface temperature of 70 ° -100 °, it will burn your hands. This t-shirt press helps you apply transfers, letters, numbers and images to t-shirts, caps, plates, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, letters and more Again.

The improved DREAMVAN heat press can help you press your creative designs onto different surfaces. Our hot press large design-15x12 inch, the press transfer offers a large surface area to create your own custom t-shirt, etc. for more even heating. Save money, save time.
I've had this for a couple of months now and it makes my crafting a lot easier and faster. The only downside was that the instructions didn't give that much information, but it was easy to figure out. The transfer press came before the planned ETA. I am very happy with it. So far it works like a charm. I love the press, they do everything they say! Very happy with the money I spent on it! Heats up well! All attachments work great! I look forward to using it more! Easy to set up.

SURPCOS Heat Press Machine for T Shirts

Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Price: $150-$300

SAFE AND DURABLE HOT PRESS MACHINE : The 360 ​​° swivel function of this hot press prevents accidents and burns, and the commercial quality steel frame is built to last, also ensures that there is no problem with the intense heat being absorbed from these. machine presses, the additional overheat protection function also ensures safe and stable usePERFECT PRINT: The Teflon-coated plate of the heat transfer machine reduces damage and also promotes easy and even heat transfer, in addition, silicone pad and pressure adjustment knob to ensure pressure adjustment in small increments for adapt to the thickness levels of almost any materialRotating design t-shirt printing machine: 360 degree swing arm full rotation; allows you to move the heating element safely, reducing the risk of accidental contactADJUSTABLE PRESSURE: This t-shirt heat press with full range pressure adjustment knob, can be adjusted according to the thickness of the material. Detachable lower platform, easily replaceable with other items (a Phillips screwdriver is enough). Removable silicone and cotton pad. Integrated fuse for safe useWIDE USE: This 5 in 1 heat press can be used for t-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, puzzles, lettering, etc. fabrics and materials. It can transfer colored images and characters of sublimated and dissolved printing ink to ceramics, glasses and fabrics such as cotton, linen, chemical fiber, nylon, etc.This is my first transfer press and I am satisfied so far. Shipping was much faster than advertised, I think I received it in less than a week. I had a question about a role I thought would have and the salespeople were very quick to get in touch with you and help work out a solution. It came with instructions which I think are a big deal as a lot of people have complained about not getting them with other presses. The exchange of the different attachments was actually very easy. I've used the shirt and hat so far. The timer temp setting takes a minute to figure out the settings but once you have it it's easy. Very satisfied so far, great entry-level press.

This is my first transfer press and I am satisfied so far. Shipping was much faster than advertised, I think I received it in less than a week. I had a question about a role I thought would have and the salespeople were very quick to get in touch with you and help work out a solution. It came with instructions which I think are a big deal as a lot of people have complained about not getting them with other presses. The exchange of the different attachments was actually very easy. I've used the shirt and hat so far. The timer temp setting takes a minute to figure out the settings but once you have it it's easy. Very satisfied so far, great entry-level press.

The temperature was perfect, he used a temperature reader to ensure even heating. I have used the printer over 100 times and have had no problems. The time / temperature setting is a little weird. Instructions are included for this, but I'm still having trouble with it, but more than likely user error. I had a problem with my cup press and after contacting the seller, who was very attentive to my email, I received a replacement within a week and it worked perfectly.

ePhotoInc New T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Price: $200-$300

T-shirt transfer heat press machine EPhotoInc. Voltage: 110V Power: 1400W Heat press Size: 15 "x 15"The heat press machine is fully equipped with the latest digital temperature and time display controller, LCD displays show temperature and time. Temp: ambient temperature up to 500 ° F, time: 0-999s. The aluminum heating plate is coated with Teflon, and the specially designed heating plate effectively ensures a uniform temperature all around.This ePhotoInc T-Shirt Heat Press comes fully assembled and ready to use. Electronic time and heat control allows precise programming for consistent results Easy to adjust pressure with just the turn of a knob on top of the heat pressThe ePhotoInc heat press uses high pressure and high heat to transfer the design to your project permanently. These machines are highly recommended over regular flat irons because the irons cannot get the high pressure and temperature that a heat press can reach and maintain.The heat press is ideal for industrial, professional and home use. It is ideal for T-shirts, clothing, bags, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates and other items with a flat surface.

ePhotoInc T Shirt Heat Press Machine 15 ”x15” allows you to carry graphic T-shirts, clothing, bags, mouse pads, puzzles, ceramic tiles, plates and other flat items. Easy to Use - Shipped fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. The thermal press is equipped with the latest digital temperature and time display controller. Temp: room temperature up to 500F, time: 0-999s. When the clock reaches 0s, you will hear an audible alarm, which will avoid overheating of projects. The top mounted pressure knob allows easy access to adjust pressure depending on the thickness of the material you are working on. The heating element is Teflon coated - no adhesive surface will prevent the transfers from burning and does not require a separate sheet of silicone / Teflon.

This is my second electric press. My first one lasted more than 3 years and I squeezed over a thousand shirts on it for my business. I highly recommend this brand. It is reasonably priced and works great! My only problem with my first electric press is that it has worn out over time. One day I turned it on to start heating and a few minutes later I noticed it was overheating faster than normal. After a few minutes it had exceeded the temperature I had set and was getting hotter and warmer. I don't know much about the mechanics of the press, but I guess everything that regulates the temperature has gone wrong. So, since my heat press was several years old and paid for itself over and over again, I decided to take it out. I bought another one and I love it. It took a little longer than expected to arrive here, but overall received a week after the order. I highly recommend this article.

Great so far! I have no other heat presses to compare it with, but for me it is very easy to use. I've made a few t-shirts with it at different temperatures so far and have no complaints. Also washed (and dried, oops) and without peeling. It arrived well packed and was not damaged. The pressure seemed to be uniform in all areas and I had no problems with the temperature. It takes a bit of muscle and control to open and close the medium pressure press, but once you get your hand it becomes a habit. I would definitely recommend it. (Margaritas made me do the shirt is pictured after washing and drying).

COLOP e-Mark Electronic Marking Device

Best DTG Printer for Small Business

Price: $300-$500

The e-mark is a wireless electronic marking device. By using the application on a mobile device (such as a mobile phone or tablet), users can create and change their full color prints as often as necessary. The app includes a custom design studio as well as numerous editable templates and stock messages to meet all your branding needs.Easily upload logos, signature files, and more! Great for: branding / advertising, labeling, numbering, time / date / barcode / QR coding, and shipping and pickup.Offers up to 5,000 multicolor prints with just one ink cartridge. Fast data transfer and flexibility to easily change views. Individual printing designs. Ready-to-use stamps.Works on a variety of absorbent surfaces including paper, cardboard, wood and paper bags. Includes e-mark, multicolor ink cartridge, USB cable, power adapter, charging station and quick setup guideOne-year manufacturer's warranty

I got it just to see what it can do, and when I got it working it really does everything advertised. Well almost. I can't connect it to my phone. I have a Galaxy S20 Ultra and it won't connect. The colop e-mark beeps, but does not connect. I was only able to connect it to my desktop computer. However, there is another problem, the supplied firmware does not connect via USB to the computer, so you must first connect via Wi-Fi and then update the firmware. Once done, you can connect via USB, so I could use it on my computer.

I created labels and tried to print them, and the prints faded, or the colors were missing, it just didn't work properly. I was finally able to print after applying about 20 pounds of force while dragging it across the page. I read some reviews online where they didn't mention the need to apply force. So I took it apart, removed the print cartridge and put it back in, and this time it worked without losing colors or needing to apply force. I guess the placement of the print cartridge was a bit wrong. I still can't connect it to my phone so it only gets 4 stars.

But it does numbering, dating, etc, and has nice software (which has a bug where you tell it to make a 3 "coin and quickly forget about it, until you go into the imprint properties and set it manually) Overall, I think I would do little use of it, as I don't send mail often, although I like to mark my invoices as "paid x / y / z." It uses TI Mysimplelink to manage wifi, which seems to have problems. a software update in the future will be able to handle it, but if you need it to work with your android phone it's not the one to buy. iPhones might be luckier, idk. For a desktop this works fine.


In this article, gave you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about this equipment, as well as our review of the best small business DTG printer you can buy to get your business off the ground.