How Business Works

A book by Georgina Palffy, ISBN 978-1465429797

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Every type of business has to choose an ownership structure. Although there are variations globally, most countries offer similar types of legal entities, from a single- person private enterprise to a massive organization trading on a stock exchange. There are three key considerations: how big the venture is expected to grow; the complexity of financial recording, management, and reporting that the proprietor is willing to take on; and the amount of liability the owner is willing to accept.

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How Business Works by Georgina Palffy

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The term “business” refers to an organization or commercial enterprise engaged in producing and trading goods and services for money. We can trace the origins of business to the very foundations of human society. When Homo sapiens evolved, mankind left behind the nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle to become farmers. This allowed for specialization of work, where individuals would become skilled at specific tasks to serve a particular community need. Over time, this enabled more complex goods and services to be produced and traded, in order to provide for all members of society. Thus, human society has been engaging in “business” for thousands of years.

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How Business Works Book

Today the world of business is inescapable—businesses are no longer just local providers of goods and services, but extend to vast corporate enterprises operating on a global scale. For governments to function and economies to flourish, a successful and thriving business sector is essential. Whether businesses are small or large, public or private, for-profit or nonprofit, they each play a key role in supporting the global economy, and together they form the backbone of the modern world. Business underpins every aspect of the world we live in today, and understanding how it works is the key to understanding society.

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This book explains the complex world of business in a simple and graphic way. It examines every aspect of how a business works, including forming a company, raising capital, product development and marketing, management strategies, tracking revenue, financial reporting, and legal, social, and environmental responsibilities. Through visual explanations as well as real-life examples to make even the most complex concept immediately accessible, How Business Works offers a clear understanding of what business is all about and how business, in its many forms, shapes modern society.

How Business Works

How Business Works Reviews

How Business Works review by Ramy Hakim

As described, very neat item and with all the information needed for any beginner who wants to broaden their knowledge on how to start their own business..the easy to follow illustrations are huge! Thanks for this book

How Business Works review by Amazon customer

Crucial for beginners, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the basics of starting a business.

How Business Works review by W Tito

I got this book because it was recommended by a friend who was in college. It's a great reference book if you know absolutely nothing about the business world

How Business Works review by Garden cat

I like DK’s approach to this book - it’s full of charts and graphs, it’s well organized, and all the topics are well distilled. It divides the business into 4 main themes:

1. How companies work 2. How do finances work? 3. How sales and marketing work 4. How operations and production work
How Business Works PDF

Each section examines the relevant subtopics.

It’s entirely possible to pick up this book and read the 2-page section here and there, so it’s a great book that can be taken on short trips or to the doctor, just left in the bathroom! It is written for adults, but may be liked by teens with a good vocabulary. My boyfriend was very interested. But he dives a little deeper than just an introduction. Personally, I learned a lot from this book and I only miss a few credits to a business degree.

It is filled with visual aids, and the sales and marketing section contains examples of good visual marketing tools. It’s very picturesque, but there’s also a lot of written content. This is not a textbook: there is plenty of room for further study on a very complex business topic, but this book will allow anyone interested to quickly update it with basic vocabulary and understanding to have a good working knowledge. For example, if you read this book, you should easily understand even the most complex business news.

How Business Works review by Tardis knitwear

It fascinated me to get caught up in this book because DK has interesting guides for me, lots of kids, editor for everything you can imagine ... but many of these guides are more about curiosity than relevance to your own day. Per day. - I wonder how the train is parked. - I wonder if there is a full guide to Star Wars characters. Such a thing.

If I didn’t lag behind corporate jargon and basics, I’d be very happy with this volume, like the title Dummies. At 350 pages it is dense, few topics, but wide enough. Photos and reminder boxes are neither distracting nor condescending. The premise here is, "We hire minimal knowledge, and your time is precious, so let's distill it in the way that will best impress your memory." For example, if you need at least a minimal knowledge of indirect business costs compared to direct ones, this is provided on several pages.

I don’t expect many users to read this book from page one to page in the short term. Students could follow this guide to help break down or explain a non-transparent term, especially if they have not completed business. Small business owners facing growing pains could delve deeper to keep up with the jargon revolving around them, and I could see fiction writers and other types of “right brains” using it. The book can be used as a dictionary by a dyslexic mathematician. (If this joke failed to land, sorry.)

Either way, the volume of material can be a little intimidating, so I hope that even if you’re just reading this “for your own enjoyment,” you can just pick up one or two chapters and then go back, as readers of the DK Encyclopedia do. Marvel comics ... oh. Bad example.

I was fascinated by the blog and social media coverage. Briefly and concisely, like most topics, there is still a detailed background context that will allow the reader to clearly understand how things like SEO (search engine optimization) and tracking blog statistics can help them.

Almost everything you get here will cause more questions and inevitably more resources, resources that are certainly much more diverse and boring with fewer images. So, if you or the future entrepreneur you want to empower is really afraid of that fatigue, start here and you’ll probably be able to figure out what’s going to be further learning. DK Books has a well-deserved reputation for researching great topics and making them understandable, delicious and friendly. Whether they explain the pros and cons of a career to teens, or biology to children, or in this case, adult corporate structures, you can always expect the latest, nicely presented, and very useful information. Industry experts extract the most useful information and then make a very wise choice on how to view it.

How Business Works reviews
piccolino25 Cox Toronto

1) Must read. 2) Must read. 3) Must read. P.S. Many thanks Georgina Palffy for this book - How Business Works is simply the best!!!
How Business Works reviews
yourlawyer2020 Summers Los Angeles

You can`t run busness without reading How Business Works by Georgina Palffy. Nuff said.
How Business Works reviews
Michael TX

I think How Business Works is that popular for a reason - Georgina Palffy did a really good job
How Business Works reviews
Lawrence H. Alex W. Pasadena

Thanks Georgina Palffy - the book PDF is insightful and definitely makes sense.
How Business Works reviews
clar _2001 Wilmington

Honestly other books by Georgina Palffy were a bit more helpful for me. But anyway, How Business Works is another great piece of content
How Business Works reviews
thegreenone Melbourne

well...How Business Works is surely the best I`ve read on the topic
How Business Works reviews
Christine California

WOW. "How Business Works"" is a really good one on this topic. Honestly, haven`t read any other books from Georgina Palffy, but he seems to be real genius!