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ITIL 4: Create, Deliver and Support

A book by Axelos, ISBN 978-0113316328

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Part of the Managing Professional series, this publication provides next-level guidance by following ITIL 4 Foundation. It is ideal for IT professionals managing the operation of IT-enabled digital products and services or end-to-end delivery. This publication helps you understand the Create, Deliver, and Support the Managing Professional module, as well as provide an expert daily reference guide for everyday problems.

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ITIL 4: Create, Deliver and Support by Axelos

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ITIL Specialist Create Deliver and Support PDF

As it used to before, the Service Desk in the ITIL 4 is engaged in technical support: it monitors and processes incidents, accepts service requests. But now many technical support processes are automated using interactive voice menus (IVR), robots (RPA) and chatbots. The load on the first line of technical support is reduced, the Service Desk can deal with higher-level tasks. For example, act as an internal coordinator, helping colleagues and business.

Major changes:

fewer phone contacts with users more work on the second line of technical support more opportunity to focus on increasing CX (Customer Experience) when you need personal contact with the user.

ITIL 4 CDS: Cooperation

No matter how effective the support team and their staff are, there will always be problems that require other teams to be involved. For example, in a grocery company, developers must work closely with the support team to create a consistent approach to users and customers.

Even if the Service Desk is not required to solve complex technical problems, it still plays an important role in the provision of services, and colleagues from related departments should help her. Please be aware that customer support affects the user experience and how the service provider is perceived by users.

ITIL 4 CDS: Expanding context and skills

The support team must understand the business processes and know the target audience of the supplier. It adds Value Stream not only through standard actions, such as logging user requests, but also by understanding how these standard actions fit into the business context.

Service Desk personnel require competence in a number of technical and business areas. Non-technical customer service skills such as empathy, emotional intelligence are also important. Service Desk personnel must use existing skills, people and processes to manage incidents.

ITIL v4 Specialist PDF: Communication channels

The support service uses various channels of communication with users. Each of the channels should be easy to access:

phone calls, including IVR and conference calls; mobile applications; service portals; catalogs and knowledge bases; chats and chat bots; e-mail (in addition to traditional correspondence, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being introduced for auto-replies to atypical requests and letters); service centers - where the physical presence of a specialist is required; SMS and social networks - for incident notifications, communication with users and receiving calls.

ITIL 4 Create Deliver SUpport PDF: Technologies

In order to ensure the high-quality work of the Service Desk, various technologies are used:

intelligent telephony systems that integrate IP telephony, IVR and automatic call distribution; personnel management and resource planning systems; knowledge base; call recording and quality control; remote access tools; administration panel and monitoring tools; configuration management systems (CMDB); A remote (or outsourced) support service requires a more complex organization of work, including on the basis of cloud solutions.

The figure shows the contribution of the service desk to the service value chain from an ITIL 4 perspective. As you can see, Engage and Deliver and support are prioritized. Apart from planning (Plan), the Service Desk is involved in all stages of the chain.

Improve. Service desk activities are continually monitored and evaluated to continually improve performance and, therefore, the value chain. For the same purposes, the support service collects feedback from users.
Engage. The support service is the main channel for tactical and operational interaction with users.
Design and transformation. Support is the main source of messages about new services and updates. Service Desk personnel are involved in release planning, testing, and early support of the service.
Obtain / build. Support personnel are involved in the procurement of service components and equipment that are required to fulfill service requests and resolve incidents.
Deliver and support. Help Desk is the focal point for incident and service request management.

ITIL 4 CDS: The role of automation tools

The evolution of the Service Desk is impossible without a reliable technological base - ITSM / ESM solutions that take into account the best ITIL 4 practices. These solutions help automate the work of the support service and quickly solve user problems using the following tools:

processing requests (Help Desk Ticketing); workflow management; user self-service portal (Self-Service); knowledge base (KMDB); reporting (Reporting).

Help desk productivity and value are increased by integrating core Service Desk tools.

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