The Essential Manager’s Handbook

A book by Hugo Wilkinson, ISBN 9781465454683

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The step up to a managerial role can be an exciting, but daunting, new challenge. Suddenly, you are responsible for making sure your team is working together, achieving results, and that overall your department is running smoothly. There is no single technique to becoming an excellent manager, but the Essential Manager’s Handbook provides indispensable advice on six of the key areas of management.

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The Essential Manager’s Handbook by Hugo Wilkinson

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The step up to a managerial role can be an exciting, but daunting, new challenge. Suddenly, you are responsible for making sure your team is working together, achieving results, and that overall your department is running smoothly.

There is no single technique to becoming an excellent manager, but the Essential Manager’s Handbook provides indispensable advice on six of the key areas of management.

Become a more effective manager and hone your management style with DK Essential Managers Handbook, a set of DK Essential Managers: Leadership, DK Essential Manager: People Management, DK Essential Manager: Effective Communication, DK Essential Manager: Negotiation and DK Manager essentials: achieve high performance in a practical and easy-to-reference guide. By focusing on these five skills, this guide's visual approach will teach you how to successfully lead and succeed in the professional world. Step-by-step tips, checklists and "ask yourself" functions explain how to focus your energy, manage change and make an impact, while tables, illustrations, "featured" panels and real-life case studies demonstrate how to solve problems, build trust and inspire trust. Infographics make information even more accessible, and clear text snippets allow for easy understanding.

DK's Essential Managers series contains the knowledge you need to be a more effective manager and improve your management style, covering a range of relevant topics, from managing, coaching and mentoring teams and individuals to time management, communication, leadership and strategic thinking. Each guide is clearly presented for ease of reference, with visual indicators, tips and infographics.

The essential Manager's Handbook

Lead your team

Managing People is essential to building a high-performing team, and in this section you will learn how to attain this goal. A successful manager must learn to set targets, plan work, delegate tasks, motivate employees, appraise performance, and solve problems. Managing people is a dynamic process that

is always evolving to reflect the complex workspace, but by learning the core skills outlined in this section, you will be well prepared to accommodate future change.

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To run your team successfully, it is critical to be seen as a good leader. Leadership is the ability to create an environment where each individual feels totally committed to doing a great job. This section provides practical advice to help you to develop your leadership skills, allowing you to realize both your own and your team’s full potential.

Manager handbook PDF

Achieve your potential

Achieving this potential occurs through a combination of becoming more creative and confident, and improving your communication skills. In Achieving High Performance, you will be given the tools to understand yourself, and learn how to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. The Effective Communication section of this book focuses on a wide range of topics, from planning a strategy to analyzing your audience, and will allow you to learn to communicate and listen well, both to your team and to your intended market.

Improve your business skills

A good manager also needs to be a successful presenter, as presentations have become an essential tool for business communication around the world. Whether you are delivering a formal speech, giving an informal address to your staff, or communicating with the media, the elements of great presentations are described in the Presenting section in clear, concise, and practical detail. Negotiating is challenging, complex, and exciting, and another important skill that all managers should master. This section outlines various techniques that can help to make you a more successful negotiator in every situation you face; from teaching you how to manage your own emotions, to understanding your negotiation style.

The Essential Managers Handbook

The Essential Managers Handbook PDF

Throughout this book, there are many features aimed at helping you to learn the essentials of being a manager quickly and efficiently.

“Ask Yourself” boxes allow you to review your situation and assess how you can improve your skills, while “Tip” boxes provide expert advice. Case studies demonstrate real-life examples for you to learn from, and “Do’s and Don’ts” boxes provide at-a-glance advice on key topics.

Keeping moving

The best way to enhance your selfawareness is to learn in a systematic way from your own experiences. Start by reflecting on situations in your working life, your actions in response to them, and the outcomes of these events. Schedule a regular time to do this, either at the beginning or end of a workday, when you are not in the thick of the action. Give yourself space to reflect, and make sure you can be alone and uninterrupted for a significant period of time. Try to gain a better understanding of what happened and think about how you can learn from each situation.

Analyzing your performance

Assessing your progress toward your goals can help you gain a fuller understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Whenever you make a key decision or take a key action, write down what you expect will happen. Then, every three or four months, compare the actual results with your expectations. If you practice this method consistently, it will help you discover what you are doing, or failing to do, that deprives you of the full benefits of your strengths, and will demonstrate areas in which you are not particularly competent and cannot perform adequately.

The essential manager's handbook

The essential managers handbook

A weighted assessment will make clear the criteria you can use to make a decision and give your decision transparency. In the simple example, right, a decision has to be made to adopt one of two projects—A or B; both seem attractive and have similar costs. To carry out the assessment, first engage with your team to make a list of criteria that the projects should satisfy. Not all criteria are of equal importance, so give each one a score from 1 to 10 depending on how valuable the team considers it to be. Check that the criteria are varied—not all skewed toward finance, for example. Score each option (A and B) out of 10 on each criterion, and multiply each score by its corresponding weighting. Add the scores to see which project fulfills the criteria best.

Leaders know all about the importance of realizing visions. They understand that any vision must have the organization’s future at heart. By discovering and developing up-and-coming leadership talent, today’s leaders play a vital role in the future of organizations across the world. When they get it right, their legacy will live on in generations of future leaders.

The Essentail Manager's Handbook

Realizing potential

One of your key goals as a leader is to recognize leadership qualities in others, and to know how to encourage and assist future leaders so they can realize their full potential. It can be helpful to think of leadership growing in a series of transitions in self-awareness, skill, and responsibility. Recognizing these crucial changes in others, and responding appropriately to them, will help accelerate the development of new leaders in your organization. Each stage on the path to leadership will bring different challenges—not only in taking on new attitudes and responsibilities but also leaving behind familiar and comfortable behaviors. This can be a highly stressful time for newly appointed leaders and the individual may not recognize or expect the strains and associated emotions of transition to their new role. Feelings of uncertainty, being overwhelmed, and loss of confidence can immobilize new leaders at the very point that they are expected to shine. Moreover, it is unlikely that the person who is making the transition will feel comfortable raising these concerns with you, their manager, for fear of appearing to fail.

The Essential Manager's Handbook Reviews

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by Dhaval

Greatly written, great graphics. It really is a different experience. The best thing is all the topics covered briefly, I would say a very good approach. Save a lot of time. All tips are easy to apply and valid.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by Dr. Robert Obol Nyeko

This is a great book. I read this book from start to finish when I started my career as a new executive. I learned a lot from it. Above all about how to conduct productive meetings and how to best use my time. One of the lessons I've built into my professional life are structured meetings with my line manager. Because of this practice, I have done a lot of work in a short period of time. A great book for management learners and newcomers to management positions. It is a great treasure for those looking to grow and become an industry leader.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by MR TR NEWTON

A very useful book for anyone new to management, especially smaller companies that may not have a lot of in-house guidance / training. Also very useful as a refresher for more experienced managers. Very visual and easy to understand.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by brentf013

An easy to understand and informative book. Highly recommended for anyone interested in management or currently in it to improve their knowledge and skills. I wish it was bound so it could fit on my library as one of the Cores.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by Amanda Giambattista

I really loved this book. It's a quick resource to use without having to read an entire chapter, you can get great takeaway results

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