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Finding the Winning Edge

A book by Brian Billick, Bill Walsh, James Peterson, ISBN 9781571671721

When those who chronicle the history of the game list the individuals who had the greatest impact on the National Football League, Bill Walsh will clearly be among the names of Halas, Lombardi, Brown, Landry, Noll and Shula. But when you consider who has impacted the game most in terms of those who sought to copy, emulate, reproduce or extend a definable system, style or structure, Bill Walsh stands alone. In Finding the Winning Edge, the coach of three Super Bowl Championships illustrates and outlines the basic organizational, coaching and system philosophies that he has used throughout his career.

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Finding the Winning Edge by Brian Billick, Bill Walsh, James Peterson

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Finding the Winning Edge book reviews

Ruairi O'Neill

I suggest reading this book, only if you are planning to become the head coach of a football organization. He went into great specific details, however, not being in the industry or being a coach, he didn't make me want to read any further. I find Bill Walsh an incredibly intelligent man and football coach after reading this. I would most likely have enjoyed it more if I had lived in his era and experienced the way his team played. I'm a miserable Jet fan, and as a result, I don't have any New York Jet coach to write stuff like this because everyone stinks. Nobody would buy it either.


The BIBLE of Football Coaching Books If you are looking for an extremely detailed book on how to build a football organization, this is it. I LOVE this book. The insiders' perspective is amazing.


I'm not a football manager, but if I were I could have been more responsive to the amazing details of how to be a football team administrator


This is an encyclopedia of construction and all of the great sports organization. This is a treatise on how to build and maintain a professional at a level of constant excellence. There are special sections for soccer; However, it is possible to replace them with any sport, military unit, or other organization. The fact that Bill uses carefully selected quotes from the military, politicians, and business leaders shows the value [of his ideas] for the leadership and management of the organization in a variety of places.

As far as the given qualities, characteristics and suggestions from sport can be transferred to real life, Bill Walsh succeeds in articulating them excellently. In this way, Walsh emulates other great trainers, notably Vince Lombardi and John Wooden. Bill covers driving, teaching, coaching, advising, and mentoring players; and the importance of knowledge, skills, attitudes, attitudes and learning. One of the most important ideas Bill conveys about executives is the concept of functional intelligence, and how much more important that is than pure intelligence (or the craziness of the smartest man in the room).

He also particularly emphasizes the main purpose of various meetings and practices. He warns not to stress every point every time, because it just doesn't emphasize anything. I enjoyed reading this book because I'm a huge fan of Bill Walsh and the 49er teams he led, and I have a keepsake for the players and coaches he mentions. This could be a stumbling block for postmodern readers who focus solely on today's gamers, many of whom forget about the next day. That would be a mistake because this book is very useful to anyone who wants to be successful and maintain excellence in every company they run.

I would compare achieving and maintaining the organizational excellence mentioned here to what Senator Cotton describes of the Old Guard in Sacred Duty and Sir Alex Ferguson in Leadership.

Finding the Winning Edge reviews
yourlawyer2020 Lazcovitz Melbourne

Brian Billick, Bill Walsh, James Peterson thank you so much for this book! Finding the Winning Edge is incredibly insighful!
Finding the Winning Edge reviews
Christine _2001 Wilmington

I really enjoyed this book - Brian Billick, Bill Walsh, James Peterson did an awesome job! Probably Finding the Winning Edge is the best book I read last years
Finding the Winning Edge reviews
Alex W. Dawkins Los Angeles

I think Finding the Winning Edge is that popular for a reason - Brian Billick, Bill Walsh, James Peterson did a really good job