We Should All Be Millionaires

A book by Rachel Rodgers, ISBN 978-1400221622

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We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power.

Are you ready to fill your life with more peace, power and joy?

We Should All Be Millionaires details a realistic, achievable and step-by-step path to create the support, trust and plan you need to master your success and become the millionaire the world needs from you.

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We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

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Only 10% of the world's millionaires are women, which makes it difficult for women to exercise the economic power that will create lasting equality. What's stopping you from having seven digits in the bank - whether it's faltering confidence, knowledge gaps in wealth creation tactics, impostor syndrome, "a delusional state of mind about money (okay, we've all been there!) , or just not knowing where to start - this book shows you how to overcome every obstacle in your way, show up and shine.

We Should All Be Millionaires will forever change your perception of money and your ability to earn it.

In this book, Rachel Rodgers - a black woman, mother of four, lawyer, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire - shares the lessons she has learned both on her journey to riches and by accompanying hundreds of women on their journey. towards age Seven. The figures.

Inside you will learn:

Because making more money is not "selfish" or "greedy" but in fact a revolutionary act that balances the economy and creates a better world for everyone.

Because most of the financial advice you've heard in the past (like "skip your daily milk to save") is outright patriarchal nonsense.
An illuminating history lesson on how women and people of color have been excluded from the ability to create wealth for centuries - and how we can fix it.

How to stop making crazy decisions that leave you emotionally and financially drained and start making million dollar decisions instead.

Why aiming to make $ 100,000 a year isn't enough and why you should set your goals much higher.

Strategies to bring more money to the door and instantly fatten your bank account. (Including Rodgers' $ 10,000 10 Day Challenge, which hundreds of women have completed - with incredible results.)
It's time to build a whole new attitude towards money, claim your power, and build the financial security you need and deserve so you can stop surviving and start thriving. Let's begin.

We Should All Be Millionaires book author

Rachel Rodgers is a black woman, mother of a four and seven figure entrepreneur, in that order. Rachel began her career working on The Hill with nonprofits, federal judges, and Hillary Clinton. When she realized that it's easier to change the world when you have money in your bank account, she decided to start a million dollar business and then teach d other women how to do the same.

Rachel is the creator of the Hello Seven podcast and the founder of We Should All Be Millionaires: The Club. Her next book, WE SHOULD ALL BE MILLIONAIRES by Harper's Leadership, will be released in Spring 2021. Every week, her recommendations from the Bullshit Life and Business are delivered to over 70,000 fans, and her visionary guide for women entrepreneurs has been published in Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and the Washington Post.

We Should All Be Millionaires Book reviews

“Winning a million dollars takes more than just a 'positive mindset'. This book is an honest, realistic, and inspiring look at what it really takes to become an extremely high income woman. Rachel Rodgers will give you a million dollar attitude with a matching bank account. '- Sophia Amoruso, New York Times bestselling author of #Girlboss

“As black women we are used to the story that we have to struggle to find financial stability or success. This book should be read by all women who are up for a project to be joyful, to find ease and to enrich themselves while fighting for causes that require our voice and our attention. ' - Rachel Cargle, author and anti-racist activist

"We Should All Be Millionaires is must read not only to help you become richer and more financially powerful, but also to become an agent of change, equality and fairness that our world needs." - Mastin Kipp, bestselling Claim Your Power author and creator of

“There are thousands of books on how to make more money, but We Should All Be Millionaires is the book we've been waiting for. Money lessons from a black woman, mother of four, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, an author who understands the specific challenges women face when it comes to building wealth. A powerful and inspiring book on how to create abundance in your life. More money, more options, more possibilities for you and your family. ' - Farnoosh Torabi, author and personal finance expert

“I have personally seen Rachel Rodgers develop her business from scratch. It offers a roadmap to going from bankruptcy to waking up for money in a delightful read. It's for any woman who wants to climb through the hole Rodgers just opened in the glass ceiling. - Susan Hyatt, author and Master Certified Life and Business Coach

“In passionate and powerful prose, Rachel presents a model of determination, liberation and unrepentant self-love. We Should All Be Millionaires is a modern money manifesto for those willing to do more. - Rha Goddess, Founder and CEO of Move The Crowd, Author of The Calling: 3 Fundamental Changes to Staying Loyal, Getting Paid, and Doing Good.


(The white woman here. In case anyone thinks this book is only for black people, rest assured, talk about the color of money ?) Imagine you have a brilliant multimillion-dollar best friend who isn't afraid to call you about your butt-busting decisions. Now imagine that he wrote you a loving, fierce, and completely wanted 288-page letter to get you back on track. This is exactly what Rachel Rodgers did with WSABM.

Is it any wonder I bought five copies?

I gave 2 copies to two of my friends this week, feeling like the millionaire fairy. The three of us immediately started a group chat with a book club on our phones.

I feel like I was seen at the beginning of chapter 3. Rachel describes "broke boo" as a full-time professional who earns $ 80,000 a year, raising and guiding her two active children, having a strong romantic relationship with her. boyfriend of hers. Sounds unbelievable, right? What's wrong? In fact, Broke Boo's description could describe every member of our mobile book group.

Rodgers makes clear - and demonstrates by recounting her path to wealth - that the superwoman archetype (the one she always hears "I don't know how you do!") Could simply be the 2021 version of the 1950s housewife.

By giving our time and energy to support everyone, we keep white straight men in power, as they have for centuries. I am ready for a change.

Jeannie Zelos

The main part of the book, perhaps around 70%, focuses on the people who made money, not advice on how to do it. It's cool, it was really inspiring to read about successful people, despite being so often in minority groups.

I strongly agree when he says in advance that money and income are always seen as the prerogative of men, especially whites. I would go further, here in the UK there are not only white men, but good guys, who went to the right schools.

When we are told from an early age that a path to a certain career, ambition, whatever doesn't suit us undermines our self-esteem, it makes us think that person is right. What we should do is encourage all children to do their best, to be ambitious, to be successful in whatever they want to do. If he's a worker, a cleaner, a salesman, that's fine. These are precious works, the ones that my family and I have had at certain moments in our life. If you want to be a lawyer, if you want to have fun in a fashion empire, have a chain of rental properties, this too should be explored, not discouraged. The difference is choosing that job, or being trapped in a job you don't like, wanting more from life, more money, but feeling that money and ambition are not there compared to others. Rachel's book is very motivating in this sense, with stories of successful people. Oddly enough, I had only recently read the story of Sarah Breedlove, daughter of slaves in the late 1800s, who became a very wealthy woman in the early 1900s, under her name when married to Madame CJ Walker. . She is a fascinating example and her story is worth reading.

Susie de Ville

Rachel Rodgers is on a mission to help entrepreneurs make more money. She envisions a world where men and women have equal financial power and access to all the options offered by financial freedom. In this must-read book, Rachel explains how to create wealth no matter where you start. With clear direction and practical ideas, she teaches you how to increase your income by maintaining strong relationships and healthy habits. Both inspiring and innovative, this book will not only change the reader's life, it will also echo around the world and impact generations to come.

Nicole Couloute

I love the way he teaches you how to make million dollar decisions and how to increase your money now. The 10,000-Day 10-Day Challenge that she includes in her book increases your ability to earn more, regardless of the 10-day goal amount. I believe it all starts in the mind and covers everything. The book offers concrete steps to achieve your goals. I bought several copies to give to my family, friends and the community.

Eva punch

I've been a RACHEL RODGERS fan for years with his podcasts, lectures and EVERYTHING ... BUT now with this...!

We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
Jack Berlin

Surely We Should All Be Millionaires is among the must-read books for every entrepreneur. Bravo Rachel Rodgers!
We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
Amelie_1998 New York

From the professional point of view there`s nothing new in We Should All Be Millionaires. But at the end of the day, Rachel Rodgers made it extremely engaging and motivating!
We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
Alex W. _2001 TX

Thanks Rachel Rodgers - the book PDF is insightful and definitely makes sense.
We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
thegreenone Putz NY

Got a kindle version of We Should All Be Millionaires. Well-readable and even thrilling - to the extent a business book can be so. Kudos to Rachel Rodgers!
We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
Christine Lazcovitz London

Well, the "We Should All Be Millionaires"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
Michael Cox Pasadena

Got a kindle version of We Should All Be Millionaires - really amazing! Rachel Rodgers one love :)
We Should All Be Millionaires reviews
Lawrence H. Dawkins Melbourne

Rachel Rodgers thank you so much for this book! We Should All Be Millionaires is incredibly insighful!