Who’s New at Lou’s Zoo is an award-winning picture book, best cover & honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services! This story teaches kids about being kind and compassionate towards others, self-esteem, and that it’s Ok to be different and accept one another as they are.

This book can be a great teaching tool for the classroom as kids can relate to some of the feelings and emotions the animals are experiencing. Whether it’s in a new neighborhood, new classroom, or meeting someone for the first time we all can relate to what others may think of us, and whether we will be accepted, liked, or fit in.

About the book: Lou is an alpaca with many friends! Lou likes to be known as “The Zookeeper” in what humans call a “neighborhood” and he is preparing for a new guest coming to his zoo. All the animals are excited and curious to meet this new mysterious guest. They wonder if the new guests will be big or small, shy, or maybe colorful like them. Some of the animals worry the new guest won’t fit in with the others in their neighborhood but whatever happens, the animals all agree they want the new guest to feel welcome and accepted. And they can’t wait to become good friends.

But the new guest has worries of his own. Will the animals like him or think he looks scary or intimidating?
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This book teaches kids about:

• kindness, compassion, self-esteem

• feelings, fitting in, acceptance

• social and emotional learning

• importance of special friendships

• critical thinking

• fun facts about zoo animals and their habitat

• colorful and unique illustrations