The Owl and the Dragon (The Bander Adventures Book 1)


The Owl and the Dragon (The Bander Adventures Book 1)

by R.A. Nargi
85 reviews
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Justice Goes Medieval

From the bestselling author of the OmniWorld series comes the first novel in a gritty fantasy detective series featuring a bold new hero reviewers are calling “a medieval Jack Reacher.”

Hytwen and Ortwen: two remote villages on the southern edge of the Empire of Harion. Separated by a misty lake. And a deadly family secret.

When ex-Imperial Investigator Bander arrives in the village of Hytwen, ragged and half dead after a savage attack on the road, all he wants is the aid of a healer and a new pair of boots. But he’s soon pressed into service by the wealthy lord of Hytwen to find a twelve-year-old girl who’s been abducted from the manor. Everyone suspects the neighboring village, and with the drums of war beating, time is running out.

As Bander digs deeper, he confronts a brutal gang of trained killers, a mysterious barmaid, and a sinister mage plotting destruction from the shadows. Soon it becomes clear that things aren’t what they seem, and the hunt for the missing girl is just part of a diabolical mosaic of murder, magic, and chaos that threatens to destroy scores of innocent people. But not if Bander can help it.

If you like detailed immersive worlds, compelling characters, subtle magic, and brawling action, you’ll love R.A. Nargi’s engaging fantasy/mystery adventure.

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Also available in The Brawling Adventures of Bander (omnibus edition containing the first three Bander novels at a special price).

Reader Praise for The Owl and the Dragon

“Fast fun and thoroughly enjoyable! Fans of investigative novels as well fantasy will both be engaged. I’m a fan of Jack Reacher and is have to say I’ve found the fantasy equivalent.”

“Nice long read and interesting story line. Deep characters and Bander is quite a guy! Didn’t see the end coming the way it did!”

“Not at all what I expected. The twists and turns made for an excellent read. Looking forward to the next one.”

“I thought I had this one figured out about halfway through. I figured it was another basic mystery story with some fantasy elements thrown in to appear fresh. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was very wrong. It’s a strong story that incorporates just enough of each element to stay entertaining the whole way through.”

“I liked the Bander character’s mix of hero and sleuth. This is an intriguing mystery adventure with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the resolution. The characters are interesting and well-developed, and the world-building was intricate and creative.”

“Thrilling book that keeps you hooked all the way through! Highly recommend!”

“I think R.A. Nargi must have been channeling Jack Reacher in a swords and sorcery fantasy world context Full of action, mystery, thrills, unexpected twists and turns and a star who is really fun.”

“Great characters and a storyline with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked til the end.”

“I was bewitched with this wonderful story, not only is it complex but attractive and the characters catch you from the beginning. The plot itself is very fun and with the right touch of mystery and surprises in every corner that makes this story spectacular from start to finish.”
“This was really a fun ‘fantasy detective’ read with the hard boiled older detective trying to locate a missing child. Nothing is exactly as it appears. The book reads well and is complex enough to be worthwhile reading over again.”