She Had No Regrets: The Life of a Girl Who Knew Who She Was

Teen & Young Adult


“Remarkable is an understatement. Kayla Duerler’s profound wisdom and stunning approach to life is nothing shy of transformational. The world needs to know Kayla.” — Aaron Shust, Singer/Songwriter

“This lovingly woven account is a call to be the people we were meant to be, to love more fully, and to live with an eye towards eternity. This isn’t a grief memoir. It’s a guide for living well.” — Julia Cho, Writer

Author Julia Kay Duerler weaves together her daughter’s journal entries, personal reflections, stories from friends, photos, and artwork to uplift and compel you to a greater purpose.

Kayla Duerler was a bright, creative, and dedicated girl who fit an entire lifetime of accomplishments into sixteen years. Her primary goal in life, though, was not success or popularity. As Kayla’s writings make clear, she wanted Jesus to shine through everything she did.

This book gives you access to Kayla’s mind and heart. You will see where she found her identity, how she understood her place in the world, and the ways she valued relationships. You will gain practical insight and an eternal perspective from this spiritually discerning child of God. As people have said, “She was wise beyond her years,” and “She was made for Heaven.”

Get to know Kayla for the treasure she was — and still is. Let her show you what it can look like to live with no regrets.