Religion & Spirituality


by Jean L Kuhnke
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Thea was left without a home when Grandma died. How could she know that the house they lived in belonged to her grandfather; a man that refused to acknowledge her very existence. The wonderful woman she called ‘Grandma’ was actually her grandfather’s sister who did everything she could to reason with the man. Thea’s mother was young and foolish when she believed the words of a man promising to marry her until she found she was with child.
Learning that he had no intention of marrying her, she returned to her Aunt’s home hoping for help. Her mother died shortly after Thea was born leaving her with her mother’s aunt whom Thea called Grandma.

In nineteen years, her grandfather failed to soften his heart; then on the day of her grandmother’s funeral, he told Thea that she had one week to get out of the house.