Do not read this book unless you are ready to see the world differently…
Psychological Warfare: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Human Behavior, Brainwashing, Propaganda, Deception, Negotiation, Dark Psychology, and Manipulation is a must-have book for everyone who recognizes the dangers we face daily in modern society. Are you subject to workplace manipulation? Is your romantic relationship balanced and fair, or does one partner hold all the power?

This book helps you to understand what is meant by “psychological warfare” and how it affects you and the people you love.

Find out:

• What are cults? Have they any place in modern culture, or are they a thing of the past? Discover 5 common misconceptions that people have about cults.

• What influence does the media have on your everyday life? What are the more trustworthy sources of news? Is “false news” a real thing, or just a byword used by people to dismiss legitimate stories? Discover the biggest mistakes people make when absorbing news and facts from popular sources.

• Are you always on the wrong end of a deal? Are you sick of paying more for goods or services while your friends boast about great deals? Discover the art of negotiation and how to gain the upper hand when thrashing out a deal. You don’t need to use underhand tactics to succeed, but you do need to be aware of them.

• See examples of propaganda from history and how the concept is used today. Do political parties always play fair when they are canvassing for your vote, or are you being hoodwinked? Uncover some classic propaganda techniques that have been used for generations and learn how to form your own opinions.

• Are you aware of neuro-linguistic programming or NLP? This theory has been developed to promote self-esteem, but some people use the methods to manipulate others; they are adept at emotional blackmail and can twist people around their fingers. Avoid this happening to you by recognizing when someone is messing with your head.

• Are you aware of MK Ultra? This highly illegal and controversial operation was deployed by the CIA from the 1950s for over twenty years and involved the drugging and brainwashing of ordinary American citizens. The tactics used by the organization will shock you. The details may sound like the plot for a Hollywood blockbuster film but are actually straight from the history books.

• When you hear the term “gaslighter”, do you imagine a wartime method of lighting streetlamps? The term is used to describe an insidious form of bullying. Learn how these types of manipulators operate in the workplace and how to deal with them.

• Can you spot a liar? You may think your BS detector is finely tuned, but are you willing to take a test? Try the fun test in chapter three to discover how adept you are at spotting a liar. Is your lie-Q high or low? Do you need handy tips to be more aware of deception?

• What is the “Dark Triad”, and how does it affect you? This book helps you understand the three dark personality traits and how they manifest. Is your boss a narcissist? Is your partner Machiavellian? Do you know a real-life psychopath? You will be surprised and appalled at the number of people you know who display at least some of the traits associated with the Dark Triad. Maybe you will recognize them in yourself. Don’t worry, the most successful leaders in history have had a few dark personality traits. The trick is in knowing how to manage them.

This handy book will change your life. You will have the power to be stronger and resist bullying. Improve your strength of mind with some simple exercises and present the “new you” to the world.

Get this book and never be taken advantage of again!