Not Until Forever: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs Book 1)

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Not Until Forever: A Christian Romance (Hope Springs Book 1)

by Valerie M. Bodden
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“Karen Kingsbury meets Nicholas Sparks.”

Sophie thinks she knows what she wants. Until she returns to the one place she said she’d never go again. And finds the one man she thought she’d left behind forever.

As she focuses on her career, Sophie doesn’t let herself think about what she gave up when she declined Spencer’s proposal five years ago. So when she’s called home to say goodbye to her dying grandmother, she goes out of her way to avoid seeing him. Of course, that means he’s the first person she runs into. Much as she fights against it, being near him stirs up old feelings and makes her question old decisions.

Leaving college to help on the family orchard cost Spencer the woman he loved. But he couldn’t turn his back on his family. Now that Sophie’s back in town, Spencer’s determined to protect his heart. Only he senses something new in Sophie — something that makes him think maybe they could have a second chance. But when his family needs him again, he feels like he’s repeating the past. Only this time, he’s not sure what choice he should make.

Are the heartaches of the past too much to overcome? Or could God be giving them a second chance at forever?

Filled with faith, friendship, and the promise of forever, Not Until Forever is the first book in a heartwarming Christian romance series that will satisfy your desire for a binge read you don’t want to end. Fall in love with Hope Springs today!
“Couldn’t put this series down! Found myself wanting to visit Hope Springs!”