Firm: A road trip comedy like no other

Humor & Satire

Firm: A road trip comedy like no other

by Robert Cowan
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For fans of Roddy Doyle and Irvine Welsh.

Two young boys from a small town just outside Glasgow form a rare and sometimes dangerous friendship that crosses Scotland’s sectarian divide. When mysterious circumstances force one of them to cross the Atlantic it seems the old battle lines have won out. Years later they’re reunited at a family funeral and decide to head to America together on a long promised road trip. But they aren’t alone. With each stranger that crosses their path, it shapes up to be a trip of a lifetime… if they can survive.
Firm is an adventure story that flits between gritty reality and the comically bizarre.

“I loved this book it speaks about things that happen in my world. Amidst all the insults and craziness there is a real tender heart to this story. Highly recommended.”- Phil Jones, The End Fanzine.

“Buy it for the “hitchhiker chapter” alone!”- John Hanley, One Eye Dog.

“a great read and very well written. Highly recommended.” – Rob Johnson, author of ‘Lifting the Lid.