Discovery (Polecat Protocol Book 1)

Science Fiction

Discovery (Polecat Protocol Book 1)

by John M. Olsen
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Mining a tiny moon in a remote star system has its challenges. At the top of the list: If the power dies, the crew dies.

Jericho Jackson looks forward to finishing one last job: a high-risk, high-pay mining gig. A string of disasters throws the operation into life-threatening chaos as his team loses contact with their orbital support station. They will have to use all their specialized training to stay alive.

Shanna Percival, his teammate and one-time girlfriend, keeps their equipment in top shape, but her tendency to tinker and stick her nose where it doesn’t belong turns up a mysterious cache of data that shouldn’t exist.

Knowledge is power. Her discovery could be the ultimate key to overcoming the growing danger, but time is running out… _______

If you love a slow burn space opera with a heavy dose of hard science, you’ll love the Polecat Protocol series.