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Sugar Trading Manual

A book by Jonathan Kingsman, Corina Gafner, ISBN 978-1855734579

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Since its launch, the Sugar Trading Manual (STM) has become the ultimate source of information about the sugar market around the world. It is compiled from the statements of some of the most significant and respected personalities in the international sugar trade.

This edition takes into account changes in all aspects of the business, including production, markets, prices, contracts, administration and management, and the influence of major trading blocks. STM is an invaluable source of training for all new entrants in the industry, and provides everyone already involved in the global sugar business with important information about its day-to-day operations.

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Sugar Trading Manual by Jonathan Kingsman, Corina Gafner

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The only comprehensive, up-to-date reference source for the structure and operation of the global sugar business, written by respected industry insiders, that covers the entire spectrum of trading instruments and markets.

Jonathan Kingsman

Jonathan Kingsman began his sugar career as a trader at Cargill Inc. in England and the USA before joining the futures side of ContiCommodity Services and Paine Webber. Kingsman S.A. started in 1990 as an independent physical brokerage firm operating mainly in the cross-industry market. Kingsman SA also publishes a daily market report with prices and analysis that has become the benchmark for physical sugar trading and is now used for worldwide pricing.

Jonathan Kingsman has worked in the commodities business for nearly forty years as a trader, broker and, finally, an analyst. He left the market in 2016 and is now an author and blogger. His blogs can be found at Commodity Conversations. Jonathan lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Jonathan has written four books on food and agriculture: Sugar Casino; Commodity Conversations - An introduction to agricultural trading; New grain merchants - from the shadows; and Crop to Cup - talk about coffee.

β€œAs people get richer, they eat more meat and fish. This significantly increases the need for grain and oilseeds in animal feed - and several times. To raise fattening cattle, you need seven kilograms of grain to produce one kilogram of beef. (3) If you are raising pigs, you need four kilograms of grain for one kilogram of meat. For poultry this figure is just over two kilograms, and for herbivorous species of farmed fish (such as carp, tilapia and catfish) - just under two kilograms. " (c) Jonathan Kingsman, Out of the Shadows: The New Merchants of Grain

Corina Gafner

Corina Gafner is a sugar broker at Kingsman SA. She joined Kingsman in 2007. After a year in the biofuels department, in January 2008 she moved to work on sugar. --This text refers to an out-of-date or unavailable edition of this title.

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