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Run to Win

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Run to Win: The Lifelong Pursuits of a Godly Man

A good long distance runner knows the importance of planning your run. Passing the start line, he is already thinking about how he will cross the finish line. As he takes his first easy step, he has planned how he will take his last exhausting step.

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Run to Win by Tim Challies

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As a Christian, you are already running in the race of life. You are not competing with other people, but with the mortal enemies of the world, the flesh and the devil. How are you going to keep up the pace during this race? You will have to run to the end to get the reward. You have to cross that finish line. To do this, you need to plan your race. You will need to plan how you will run today so that you can continue running in the tough days ahead. This is what this book is about.

About Tim Challies

Tim Challies is a leading Evangelical blogger and editor of Discerning Reader, a website dedicated to insightful book reviews of interest to Christians. Self-employed web designer Tim lives in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario with his wife and three children. By putting us in control, our new technologies tend to empower existing idols in our lives. Rather than conforming to Christ by molding and shaping the influence of an ecclesial community, we create, shape, and personalize our community to be more like us. We take control of things that we have no control over. Could it be that our desire to control limits the process of change and transformation that God wants us to experience through the mess of the real world, flesh and blood, in face-to-face relationships?

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Alex W. Cox Massachusetts

Got a kindle version of Run to Win - really amazing! Tim Challies one love :)
Run to Win reviews
Andrew2001 London

I think Run to Win is that popular for a reason - Tim Challies did a really good job
Run to Win reviews
yourlawyer2020 Los Angeles

Honestly other books by Tim Challies were a bit more helpful for me. But anyway, Run to Win is another great piece of content