Operational Support and Analysis

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This guide provides a quick reference to the processes covered by the ITIL® operational support and analysis (OSA) syllabus. It is designed to act as a study aid for students taking the ITIL Capability qualification for OSA, and as a handy portable reference source for practitioners who work with these processes. This guide is not intended to replace the more detailed ITIL publications (Cabinet Office, 2011), nor to be a substitute for a course provider’s training materials. Many parts of the syllabus require candidates to achieve competence at Bloom Levels 3 and 4, showing the ability to apply their learning and analyse a situation. This study aid focuses on the core knowledge that candidates need to acquire at Bloom Levels 1 and 2, including a knowledge and comprehension of the material that supports the syllabus.

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Operational Support and Analysis by TSO

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Operational Support and Analysis book PDF free download

Updated in line with the 2011 editions of the core ITIL® publications and the Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) syllabus, this quick-reference guide is a useful study aid for the OSA module of the ITIL Intermediate Capability qualification. Beyond the exam, it serves as a practical resource that can be used in the workplace. Companion volumes covering the other Intermediate Capability modules are also available.

Operational Support and Analysis reviews
Andrew2001 Cox Houston

From the professional point of view there`s nothing new in Operational Support and Analysis. But at the end of the day, TSO made it extremely engaging and motivating!
Operational Support and Analysis reviews
Tom Lazcovitz Lazcovitz London

Operational Support and Analysis ebook is a good option. I wouldn`t recommend to buy a hardcover, but for me the digital version worked well. TSO is a top-level prefessional!
Operational Support and Analysis reviews
clar Alex W. Melbourne

TSO thank you so much for this book! Operational Support and Analysis is incredibly insighful!