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A book by Scott Tunn, ISBN 9781094747842

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As the industry standard in terms of process, service and lifecycle management for IT, the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam is the most popular entry-level certification, especially for people moving from another job to IT. Our certification kit prepares you for the exam with valuable information on the ITIL® 4 framework, the ITIL® 4 certification and IT service management as a practice.

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ITIL4 Foundation Complete certification kit by Scott Tunn

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ITIL4 Foundation Complete certification kit book PDF free download

Our certification book covers ITIL, a widespread knowledge and best practice for successful IT service management that is linked to training and certification of the customer experience; Value streams and digital transformation; as well as new ways of working, such as:

Lean Agile DevOps

ITIL 4 provides the guidance organizations need to face new service management challenges and leverage the potential of modern technologies.

All of our content is up to date with the 2021 curriculum. We offer you this very easy-to-read book that fits perfectly with our online course. When learning through e-learning, we provide examples, instructions, and warnings. Our ITIL® 4 Foundation Complete Certification Kit contains simple, easy-to-understand concepts to help you pass your exam with ease.

ITIL Certification Kit

This certification kit contains both the student handbook and access to our excellent online program that gives you everything you need to prepare for the ITIL® 4 Foundation certification exam, including access to:

The champions system Downloads in PDF format A PDF version of the book Additional exercises Mock exams

All free files are available after logging in via the e-learning portal. Exercises help you understand the concepts and describe what you have learned in the context of service solutions.

This includes thought-provoking questions to challenge your thinking and understanding. Section reviews for each chapter to help you focus on what you need to know and includes exam questions to practice with. You also get access to the company's owner, a certified expert and author of books and white papers who has trained thousands of students around the world.

How the certification process is changing

The last update for ITIL 3 was released eight years ago. During this time, the IT industry has undergone significant changes and "overgrown" with new technologies. Many companies have started to implement IT management practices (like ITSM based on ITIL).

To adapt them to the changed context, Axelos' ITIL methodology development team released an update earlier this year - ITIL 4. It introduces new areas of expertise related to user satisfaction, value streams and agile methodologies like Agile, Lean and DevOps.

Along with new practices, the approaches to certification of specialists in the field of IT service management have also changed. In ITIL 3, the ITIL Expert was considered the highest rank in the ITIL system.

In the fourth version, this level was divided into two areas - ITIL Management Professional and ITIL Strategic Leader. The first is for IT managers, and the second is for non-IT managers (experts who complete both courses receive the title of ITIL Master).

Each of these areas includes its own set of exams (requirements for them and training programs in Axelos promised to publish towards the end of 2019). But in order to be able to pass them, you need to pass a basic level certification - ITIL 4 Foundation. All the necessary information on it was published at the beginning of the year.

ITIL 4 roadmap

What will be the questions

The exam consists of 40 questions. To pass successfully, you need to answer correctly 26 of them (65%).

The difficulty level corresponds to Bloom's taxonomy, that is, students need to not only answer questions, but also demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge in practice.

Some of the problems are test questions with one or more choice of answers. There are assignments that require the examinee to explain key IT management concepts in writing.

For example, there are questions that need to be defined for terms such as service, user, or customer. In another task, you will have to describe the key components of the ITIL value system. You can find some more examples in this document from Axelos.

To obtain the ITIL® 4 Foundation International Certificate, you must pass the ITIL® 4 Foundation Certification Exam. We strongly recommend that you complete the ITIL® 4 Fundamentals course prior to taking the exam.

In case of successful passing of the tests, the exam participant receives a certificate “ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. ITIL 4 Edition ". With it, you can proceed to the delivery of ITIL Management Professional and ITIL Strategic Leader.

What else do you need to know

ITIL 3 certified professionals can complete the entire exam chain from Foundation to Management Professional to Strategic Leader when Axelos publishes all requirements.

An alternative option for renewing certificates is to pass a "corrective" exam. It's called ITIL Managing Professional Transition. But to pass it, you must have 17 points in ITIL 3. This number of points corresponds to the level for passing the exam for the title of ITIL Expert.

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