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ITIL Foundation 2011 v3

A book by Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance, ISBN 978-0113313235

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ITIL Lifecycle Suite, 2011 Edition (5 Volume Set).

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ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 by Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance

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ITIL is part of a series of best practice publications for IT Service Management (ITSM) .1 ITIL offers Guide for service providers to provide Quality IT services and on processes, functions and other skills needed to support them. ITIL is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide and provides guidance on best practices applies to all types of organizations that Provision of services.

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ITIL is not a standard that has to be to be pursued; is a guide that should be read and understood and used to give value to those Service provider and its customers. Organizations are encouraged to adopt ITIL best practices and a adapt them to work in their specific environment in a way that suits their needs. ITIL is the most widely used framework for ITSM in the world. In the 20 years since created, ITIL has evolved and changed its breadth and depth as technologies and business practices has developed.

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ISO / IEC 20000 provides a formal and universal standard for organizations that have your service management skills tested and certified. While ISO / IEC 20000 is a standard for can be achieved and maintained, ITIL offers a number of Knowledge useful in achieving the standard. 2007 was the second major update from ITIL published in response to significant advances in technology and emerging IT challenges Service provider. New models and architectures such as outsourcing, shared services, utilities Information technology, cloud computing, virtualization, web mobile services and commerce have become Widely used in IT.

ITIL 2011 PDF: The process approach

ITIL was increased with the service lifecycle to address these additional management services Challenges. In 2011 as part of his engagement for continuous improvement, the Cabinet Office has released this update to improve consistency between the most important publications.

The ITIL framework is based on the five phases the usage cycle as shown in Figure 1.1, with a main publication with best practices Instructions for each stage. This guide contains basic principles, processes and activities required, Organization and roles, technology, relative Challenges, critical success factors and risks. the The service lifecycle uses a hub-and-spoke design with Service strategy at the hub and service design, Transition and functioning as a rotating life cycle Steps or "rays".


Continuous improvement of the service surrounds and supports all stages of the service Life cycle. Each stage of the life cycle has an impact on the other hand and relies on them for input e Feedback. In this way, a constant set of exams becomes and budgets throughout the service life cycle ensures that the business demand with Services can adapt and react to business needs actually.

In addition to the main publications, there is also one complementary series of ITIL publications with Specific guidelines for industry and organization Types, operating models and technology Architectures.

The challenges for IT managers are to coordinate and work Partnership with the company to provide high quality IT services. This also needs to be achieved through a more entrepreneurial approach customer-oriented approach to service delivery e Cost optimization.

The primary goal of service management is to ensure that IT Services are geared towards business needs and provide active support She. It is imperative that IT services are the foundation of the business Processes, but it is also becoming more and more important that IT rather than Agent of change to facilitate business transformation. All organizations that use IT depend on IT for their success. If it IT processes and services are implemented, managed and appropriately supported, the activity becomes more Succeed, suffer fewer interruptions and lost productive hours, Reduce costs, increase income, improve public relations e achieve their business goals.

ITIL 2011 Service Management

ITIL provides guidance throughout the service lifecycle to help Senior business managers and IT managers achieve their goals Manage the service and address the key issues they a Systematic way.

The purpose of the service phase of the Life cycle is the coordination and execution of the Activities and processes required to e Management of services at agreed levels for business users and customers. The operation of the service is also responsible for the ongoing management of the technology which is used to provide and support the services. The operation of the service is a critical phase of the service Life cycle. Well planned and well implemented the processes will be useless if the day after day the functioning of these processes is not correct guided, controlled and managed. it won't either Service improvements are possible every day Activities to monitor performance, assess metrics and collecting operational data are not systematic performed while performing the service.

ITIL v3 Service Transition 2011

Personnel involved in the operational phase of the service the service lifecycle should have processes and support Tools are available that enable you to have an overview View of service operation and delivery (instead of only separate components such as hardware, Software applications and networks that End-to-end service from a business perspective). Everyone should recognize these processes and tools Threats or failures to the quality of the service.

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Since the services can be provided in whole or in part, by one or more partner / supplier organizations that View of the operation of the service of the end-to-end service it should be extended to external aspects for the provision of the service. Shared or if necessary Interface processes and tools should be implemented to manage comprehensive work processes.

ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
Lucia Lazcovitz Pasadena

1) Must read. 2) Must read. 3) Must read. P.S. Many thanks Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance for this book - ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 is simply the best!!!
ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
Amelie_1998 Cox Los Angeles

WOW. "ITIL Foundation 2011 v3"" is a really good one on this topic. Honestly, haven`t read any other books from Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance, but he seems to be real genius!
ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
Jack Houston

From the professional point of view there`s nothing new in ITIL Foundation 2011 v3. But at the end of the day, Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance made it extremely engaging and motivating!
ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
clar Dawkins Wilmington

Well, the "ITIL Foundation 2011 v3"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
Radj Prague

I really enjoyed this book - Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance did an awesome job! Probably ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 is the best book I read last years
ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
Michael _2001 New Orleans

As of 2023-01-28, I suppose that ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 by Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance is still among the best books in its niche. Brilliant!
ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 reviews
Christine Melbourne

You can`t run busness without reading ITIL Foundation 2011 v3 by Randy A. Steinberg , David Cannon, Vernon Lloyd, Lou Hunnebeck, Stuart Rance. Nuff said.