ITIL® 4: Direct, Plan and Improve

ITIL® 4: Direct, Plan and Improve on

ITIL® 4: Direct, Plan and Improve


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Proponents of service management have, for many years, advocated the adoption of a service mindset in which contributors at every level of an organization devote their efforts to meeting the needs of the customer. Although this has always been a laudable intent, the method for achieving it has too often been organized around a few specific processes and the implementation of supporting tools. Not enough attention has been given to the very human skills needed to realize the vision.

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171 pages, published in 2020

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At this new stage in the development of the IT industry, AXELOS is delighted to present ITIL4, the latest step in the evolution of IT best practice. By building on our experience and bringing fresh and forward-looking thinking to the marketplace, ITIL4 equips your business to deal with the challenges currently faced by the industry. The adoption of ITIL as the most widely used guidance in the world on IT and service management will continue with ITIL4. It ensures continuity with existing ways of working (where service management is already successful) by integrating modern and emerging practices with established and proven know-how. ITIL4 also provides guidance on these new methods to help individuals and organizations to see their benefits and move towards using them with confidence, focus, and minimal disruption. ITIL4’s holistic approach raises the profile of service management in organizations and industries, setting it within a more strategic context. Its focus tends to be on end-to-end product and service management, from demand to value. ITIL4 is the result of a great deal of global research and development work across the IT and service management industries; this work has involved active practitioners, trainers, consultants, vendors, technicians, and business customers. The architect team has collaborated with the wider stakeholders and users of ITIL to ensure that the content meets the modern requirements of continuity, innovation, flexibility, and value. ITIL training provides individuals with a structured approach for developing their competencies in the current and future workplace. The accompanying guidance also helps organizations to take advantage of the new and upcoming technologies, succeed in making their digital transformations, and create value as needed for themselves and their customers. ITIL ® 4: Direct, Plan and Improve will be an essential source of reference in aligning product and service management with modern business requirements, driving transformation, and creating a continual improvement culture. It discusses concepts, principles, methods, and techniques that can be leveraged to give direction, engage in planning, and participate in improvement activities. Not least of all, it will enable readers and their organizations to adopt the ITIL guiding principles and an effective approach to continual improvement, and demonstrate a service mindset. Welcome to the new generation of IT best practice! Mark Basham