Investments, Fifth Edition

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The central theme is the near-informational-efficiency of well-developed security markets, such as those in the United States, and the general awareness that competitive markets do not offer “free lunches” to participants.

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Investments, Fifth Edition by Bodie−Kane−Marcus

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Of necessity, our text has evolved along with the financial markets. In the Fifth Edition, we address many of the changes in the investment environment. At the same time, many basic principles remain important. We believe that attention to these few important principles can simplify the study of otherwise difficult material and that fundamental principles should organize and motivate all study. These principles are crucial to understanding the securities already traded in financial markets and in understanding new securities that will be introduced in the future. For this reason, we have made this book thematic, meaning we never offer rules of thumb without reference to the central tenets of the modern approach to finance. The common theme unifying this book is that security markets are nearly efficient, meaning most securities are usually priced appropriately given their risk and return attributes. There are few free lunches found in markets as competitive as the financial market. This simple observation is, nevertheless, remarkably powerful in its implications for the design of investment strategies; as a result, our discussions of strategy are always guided by the implications of the efficient markets hypothesis. While the degree of market efficiency is, and always will be, a matter of debate, we hope our discussions throughout the book convey a good dose of healthy criticism concerning much conventional wisdom.

Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
Michael Toronto

From the professional point of view there`s nothing new in Investments, Fifth Edition. But at the end of the day, Bodie−Kane−Marcus made it extremely engaging and motivating!
Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
Tom Lazcovitz New Orleans

I really enjoyed this book - Bodie−Kane−Marcus did an awesome job! Probably Investments, Fifth Edition is the best book I read last years
Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
thegreenone Alex W. TX

Honestly other books by Bodie−Kane−Marcus were a bit more helpful for me. But anyway, Investments, Fifth Edition is another great piece of content
Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
clar NY

As of 2024-02-23, I suppose that Investments, Fifth Edition by Bodie−Kane−Marcus is still among the best books in its niche. Brilliant!
Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
Andrew2001 Gupta Berlin

Awesome book!
Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
Amelie_1998 Putz Houston

Well, the "Investments, Fifth Edition"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
Investments, Fifth Edition reviews
Lawrence H. Smith California

I think Investments, Fifth Edition is that popular for a reason - Bodie−Kane−Marcus did a really good job