Interest and Inflation Free Money

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EVERY DAY almost everyone on this planet uses money. Yet few people understand how money works and affects their lives directly and indirectly. Let us, therefore, take a closer look at what money is and what would happen without it.

First, the good news: Money is one of the most ingenious inventions of humankind, as it helps the exchange of goods and services and overcomes the limits of barter, that is, the direct exchange of goods and services. For example, if you live in a village which relies entirely on barter, and you produce works of art but there is nobody to exchange your artwork with except the undertaker, you will soon have to change your occupation or leave. Thus, money creates the possibility for specialization, which is the basis of civilization. Then why do we have a "money problem"?

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Interest and Inflation Free Money by Margrit Kennedy

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It takes some audacity for a non-economist to write a book about economics, especially if the book deals with one of the basic yardsticks of the profession, i.e., money. Money is the measure in which most economic concepts are expressed. Economists use it as merchants use kilograms and architects use metres. They seldom question the way it works and why in contrast to the meters and kilograms it is not a constant measure but varies, now, almost daily. This book takes a look at how money works. It exposes the reason for the constant change in one of our most important measures. It explains why money not only "makes the world go round" but also wrecks the world in the process. The huge debt accumulated by Third World countries, unemployment, environmental degradation, the arms build-up and proliferation of nuclear power plants, are related to a mechanism which keeps money in circulation: interest and compound interest. This, according to economic historian John L. King, is the "invisible wrecking machine" in all so-called free-market economies. Transforming this mechanism into a more adequate way of keeping money in circulation is not as difficult as it may seem. While the solutions put forward in this book have been known to some people since the beginning of this century, the way and the time in which it is presented offer a special opportunity for its implementation. The purpose of this book is not to prove anybody wrong. It is to put something right and to open up a choice we have which is hardly known among experts, not to mention the public at large. However, it is far too important to be left to experts alone to determine whether it will be dealt with or not. The significance of this book, therefore, lies in its ability to explain complex issues as simply as possible, so that everybody who uses money may understand what is at stake. Another significant difference from other books which have dealt with this issue in the past is that it shows how, at this particular point in time, the change to the proposed new monetary system could create a win-win situation for everyone. It could help to develop, finally, a sustainable economy. The question remains whether we will be able to change before the next large breakdown happens or after it has happened. Either way it will be useful to be informed about how to create an exchange medium which works for everybody.

Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
Radj Summers New Orleans

Awesome book!
Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
Tom Lazcovitz _2001 Wilmington

Interest and Inflation Free Money ebook is a good option. I wouldn`t recommend to buy a hardcover, but for me the digital version worked well. Margrit Kennedy is a top-level prefessional!
Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
thegreenone Gupta NY

As of 2022-06-26, I suppose that Interest and Inflation Free Money by Margrit Kennedy is still among the best books in its niche. Brilliant!
Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
piccolino25 Dawkins California

Thanks Margrit Kennedy - the book PDF is insightful and definitely makes sense.
Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
Michael TX

I think Interest and Inflation Free Money is that popular for a reason - Margrit Kennedy did a really good job
Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
Christine Putz Massachusetts

Honestly other books by Margrit Kennedy were a bit more helpful for me. But anyway, Interest and Inflation Free Money is another great piece of content
Interest and Inflation Free Money reviews
Jack Smith Houston

From the professional point of view there`s nothing new in Interest and Inflation Free Money. But at the end of the day, Margrit Kennedy made it extremely engaging and motivating!