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How to win friends and influence people

A book by Dale Carnegie, ISBN 978-1439167342

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Dale Carnegie (1888–1955) described himself as a "simple country boy" from Missouri, but he was also a pioneer in the self-improvement genre. Since the publication of his first book in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he has touched millions of readers and his classic works continue to impact lives today.

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How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

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You can go after the job you want - and get it! You can take the job you have - and improve it! You can take any situation - and make it work for you!

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Dale Carnegie's solid and proven advice has led countless people to climb the ladder of success in their business and personal lives. One of the most innovative and timeless bestsellers of all time, How to Win Friends and Influence People will teach you:

Six ways to get people to like you Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking Nine ways to change people without arousing resentment

And much more! Reach your full potential - a must-read for the 21st century, with over 15 million copies sold!

How to win friends and influence people PDF book reviews

Steve Niedermeyer

This book is a must have for everyone, but especially if you work in management or sales. This book changed my life in dealing with people. I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE as it provides valuable lessons about human interaction. This book covers a wide range of topics, such as how to motivate people, how to get them to think of you, but it also covers small and often overlooked things like the importance of remembering a person's name ( and tips). Grab a printed copy and read it several times, then pass it on to someone you know who could help you become a better "human person."


Serious. This book is insane! I read it about 8 months ago (March 2018) and it completely changed my view of the world. Since reading it, I've been using the lessons in it every day and have become a more effective communicator as a result. The first 3 lessons I learned are:

1. Always use people's names 2. Ask other questions about yourself 3. Speak in relation to the other person's interests

At first I was hesitant about buying this book as the title struck me as a bit "shabby", but this book is nothing but gold! You have to buy it. I promise you it will change the way you view the world and make your life better. This is from a high school student, so the courses are suitable for all ages and people. You have to pick it up today!


This book contains many helpful tips for dealing with people. It is written as a conversation with recognizable examples and looks very easy to read. However, I had an uncomfortable "lousy" feeling while reading. The bad feeling of "crap" is probably because I would summarize this book in one sentence:

People are very self-centered and very selfish, so here's the guide on how to use these mistakes to manipulate people and what to get you want from them ...

My opinion of my fellow human beings had already sunk very low in recent years because I was burned into some business and personal relationships and also read / heard the disheartening daily news about the United States the most hateful and divisive political environment of my life.

So I was really hoping to find a book that would help me appreciate other people better and spend more time with other people. This book definitely didn't do that for me, but it actually did the opposite: it made me like and minimize my relationships with most people even more. But to be honest, it's not the aim of this book to get others to love you. The goal of this book is to teach you how to understand how other people's brains work, get them to like you, and get them to do what you want, and it is very effective to do this Achieving goal (provided you apply what you read to real life).

Andreas Aristidou

An outdated classic or a contemporary gem? Do we need a presentation here? "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is the classic and bestseller of all time in the self-help / personality development categories. Read and used by millions of people around the world. I remember being introduced to this book by my father a long time ago, when I was too young to appreciate the benefits of such a book. Fifteen years later, I read it hard. It's no surprise why.

An easy-to-read manuscript broken into small, easily digestible pieces with practical advice and examples to aid in each piece of advice. It wasn't one day that Dale Carnegie decided to write a book about personal relationship strategies. Before writing the book, he taught these techniques to thousands of people and through his lectures and seminars he heard and analyzed myriad stories of success and failure in human relationships. This book is the result of a lifetime of work and experience in human psychology and relationships.

Olivier Roland

One Sentence Summary of How to Make Friends and Influence People: In order to make friends, influence others, and draw them to our side, it is important to know how to take care of their ego; This happens after a big change in our daily behavior, which consists in never criticizing, being genuinely interested in others, smiling, remembering the name of the interlocutor, making him feel important.

How to win friends and influence people Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: If you want to collect honey, don't kick the hive

In 1931, Francis "Two Guns" Crowley, a gangster and murderer known for killing a police officer in cold blood after asking for his driver's license, was arrested at his girlfriend's apartment after a siege of a hundred cops was been mobilized! He was captured alive, but believing he was almost dead, he took the time to write a letter. Was it a letter of repentance, a letter of repentance for the crimes he had committed? No, he said: "There's a tired heart beating under my jacket, but a good one that wouldn't hurt anyone." He was sentenced to the electric chair. When he got to the execution chamber, he was full of excuses, did he explain that he felt remorse? No. He said, "This is my punishment for trying to defend myself."

Al Capone, the most famous gangster of all time, said to himself: "I've spent the best years of my life bringing joy and fun to people, and what has been my reward? Insults and life of prey." Gangsters, criminals and evildoers often justify their behavior with many logical or misleading arguments.

If you notice criminals like Francis Crowley or Al Capone think they are innocent, what do the people we meet every day think who are just like you and me?

This is a universal law that is sometimes difficult to accept: 99 times out of 100 people consider themselves innocent, no matter how serious their crime is. Criticism is useless because it puts individuals on the defensive and forces them to justify, and it is dangerous because it damages their self-esteem and arouses bitterness. Criticism is like a carrier pigeon: the person we are blaming and trying to correct will do everything to justify himself and judge us in turn. Or they often exclaim: "I don't see how I could have acted differently!"

When you look at the lives of people who are considered to be great leaders of men, such as Abraham Lincoln - whom Dale Carnegie has studied very carefully and even wrote a biography, Lincoln the Unknown - generally it turns out that they are extremely critical. possible to preserve the self-esteem of those you blame. Instead of judging people, it is better to try to understand them, to find out the reasons for their actions. This is much nicer and more productive than criticism, and it makes us more tolerant, understanding and kind.

How to win friends and influence people reviews
thegreenone _2001 New Orleans

I think How to win friends and influence people is that popular for a reason - Dale Carnegie did a really good job
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Jack Alex W. New York

well...How to win friends and influence people is surely the best I`ve read on the topic
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Radj Putz London

As of 2024-06-23, I suppose that How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie is still among the best books in its niche. Brilliant!
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Amelie_1998 Summers California

I bought How to win friends and influence people hardcover edition on Amazon - arrived today, 2024-06-23, so far Im completely satisfied with the book quality
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Christine NY

Well, the "How to win friends and influence people"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
How to win friends and influence people reviews
clar Robinson Wilmington

Surely How to win friends and influence people is among the must-read books for every entrepreneur. Bravo Dale Carnegie!
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Alex W. Gupta Houston

How to win friends and influence people ebook is a good option. I wouldn`t recommend to buy a hardcover, but for me the digital version worked well. Dale Carnegie is a top-level prefessional!