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Financial Modeling and Valuation

A book by Paul Pignataro , ISBN 978-1118558768

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Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity,Β 1st Edition.

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Financial Modeling and Valuation by Paul Pignataro

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Financial Modeling and Valuation book PDF free download

Written by the founder and CEO of the prestigious New York School of Finance, this book shows you the basic tools to accurately assess the soundness of an equity investment. Based on a comprehensive Wal-Mart case study, it shows you how to do an in-depth analysis of this company's financial condition and walks you through every step of the way to develop a sophisticated financial model as done by professional Wall Street analysts. You'll build a comprehensive financial model and step-by-step assessment as you browse the book.

Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity

When we conducted this analysis in January 2012, we believed the stock was undervalued. Since the first run of the analysis, the stock has risen 35 percent. With a re-evaluation of Wal-Mart 9 months later, we will look at the techniques Wall Street analysts use to model and adequately value business units.

Step-by-Step Financial Modeling - With downloadable Wall Street Models, you'll learn the model step-by-step as you flip through the book.

Keyboard shortcuts and explicit Excel instructions will help even the novice Excel modeler.

Built model complete with income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, accounting techniques, depreciation plan (complete with accelerated depreciation and deferred taxes), operating resource plan, debt plan, circulation references management and automatic debt payments.

Clear concepts, including details about the model flow, help with conceptual understanding.

The concepts are repeated and refined, perfect for a beginner but detailed enough for a professional.

Model built directly from Wal-Mart public archives, researched notes, researched and illustrated techniques for formulating projections. Includes in-depth coverage of valuation techniques commonly used by Wall Street professionals.

Clear analysis of comparable companies: Correctly structured, calculate directly from historical financial data, LTM data (last twelve months), plan EBITDA and net profit and level them correctly.

Past Transaction Analysis - Details on how to extract the correct metrics from relevant delegation declarations Discounted Cash Flow Analysis - Simplifies and illustrates how a DCF is used, how unlevered free cash flow is derived, and what the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) means.

Step by step we will conduct an evaluation on Wal-Mart.

Questions at the end of the chapter, exercise templates, additional case studies, and general interview questions (available on the dedicated website) help consolidate the techniques refined in the book. ideal for universities or business students looking to get into investment banking.

Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
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Surely Financial Modeling and Valuation is among the must-read books for every entrepreneur. Bravo Paul Pignataro !
Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
Christine NY

Got a kindle version of Financial Modeling and Valuation - really amazing! Paul Pignataro one love :)
Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
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I bought Financial Modeling and Valuation hardcover edition on Amazon - arrived today, 2024-04-14, so far Im completely satisfied with the book quality
Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
Tom Lazcovitz Houston

Well, the "Financial Modeling and Valuation"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
Alex W. Gupta London

well...Financial Modeling and Valuation is surely the best I`ve read on the topic
Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
Lawrence H. Alex W. Los Angeles

Honestly other books by Paul Pignataro were a bit more helpful for me. But anyway, Financial Modeling and Valuation is another great piece of content
Financial Modeling and Valuation reviews
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WOW. "Financial Modeling and Valuation"" is a really good one on this topic. Honestly, haven`t read any other books from Paul Pignataro , but he seems to be real genius!