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Financial Risk Manager Handbook, Fifth Edition supportscandidates studying for the Global Association of RiskProfessional's (GARP) annual FRM exam and prepares you to assessand control risk in today's rapidly changing financial world.Authored by renowned risk management expert Philippe Jorion-withthe full support of GARP-this definitive guide summarizes the corebody of knowledge for financial risk managers.

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Financial Manager Handbook by Philippe Jorion Garp

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Philippe Jorion is Professor of Finance at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California at Irvine. He has also taught at Columbia, Northwestern, the University of Chicago, and the University of British Columbia. He holds an MBA and a PhD from the University of Chicago and a degree in engineering from the University of Brussels. Dr. Jorion has authored more than ninety publications—directed towards academics and practitioners-on the topic of risk management and international finance. He is on the editorial board of a number of financial journals and was editor of the Journal of Risk. His work has received several prizes for research. Dr. Jorion has written the first four editions of Financial Risk Manager Handbook (Wiley), as well as Financial Risk Management: Domestic and International Dimensions; Big Bets Gone Bad: Derivatives and Bankruptcy in Orange County; and Value at Risk: The New Benchmark for Managing Financial Risk. He is also a managing director at Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company (PAAMCO), a global fund of hedge funds.

Financial Manager Handbook reviews
thegreenone Berlin

Philippe Jorion Garp thank you so much for this book! Financial Manager Handbook is incredibly insighful!
Financial Manager Handbook reviews
Lucia Dawkins London

Financial Manager Handbook ebook is a good option. I wouldn`t recommend to buy a hardcover, but for me the digital version worked well. Philippe Jorion Garp is a top-level prefessional!
Financial Manager Handbook reviews
Andrew2001 Alex W. Prague

Honestly other books by Philippe Jorion Garp were a bit more helpful for me. But anyway, Financial Manager Handbook is another great piece of content
Financial Manager Handbook reviews
Jenny Putz Smith TX

I bought Financial Manager Handbook hardcover edition on Amazon - arrived today, 2022-01-23, so far Im completely satisfied with the book quality
Financial Manager Handbook reviews
Amelie_1998 Gupta New York

Got a kindle version of Financial Manager Handbook. Well-readable and even thrilling - to the extent a business book can be so. Kudos to Philippe Jorion Garp!