Beat the Dealer

A book by Edward O. Thorp, ISBN

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Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp

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Beat the Dealer reviews
Christine Wilmington

Got a kindle version of Beat the Dealer. Well-readable and even thrilling - to the extent a business book can be so. Kudos to Edward O. Thorp!
Beat the Dealer reviews
clar London

You can`t run busness without reading Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp. Nuff said.
Beat the Dealer reviews
Alex W. Lazcovitz Houston

well...Beat the Dealer is surely the best I`ve read on the topic
Beat the Dealer reviews
Jenny Putz Gupta Toronto

Well, the "Beat the Dealer"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
Beat the Dealer reviews
thegreenone Smith NY

As of 2022-08-10, I suppose that Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp is still among the best books in its niche. Brilliant!
Beat the Dealer reviews
piccolino25 Summers California

1) Must read. 2) Must read. 3) Must read. P.S. Many thanks Edward O. Thorp for this book - Beat the Dealer is simply the best!!!
Beat the Dealer reviews
yourlawyer2020 Dawkins Prague

I really enjoyed this book - Edward O. Thorp did an awesome job! Probably Beat the Dealer is the best book I read last years