All About Money

A book by Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown , ISBN 979-8629450993

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All About Money - Economics - Business - Ages 10+: The Thinking Tree - Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling Curriculum (All about Money & How to Make Money ... Money, Economics, Business - Research - GRE).

All about money - Business - Savings for children and teenagers - Ages 10 and up.

To be successful in business, we need to understand how money works! This fun and practical workbook is packed with fascinating information and learning instructions. Activities and lessons will help students understand money, business, economics, government, and more.

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All About Money by Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown

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Students will explore how money works and how government affects the economy. this book is topical! Students will also look for topics such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the United States and the world today. They will also look at historical events that changed the country, such as the Great Depression. To understand the future, we must learn from the past. To be successful, we need to understand why so many businesses fail and why others thrive even in difficult times. It is also essential that students understand how different forms of government can have a negative or positive influence on the economy of a region.

We suggest that the student use the book "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? A Fast, Clear, and Fun Explanation of the Economics You Need for Success in Your Career, Business, and Investments" (An Uncle Eric Book) by Richard J. Maybury and Jane A. Williams

This book will make a great companion book for this workbook.

Students will also use the Internet, videos and books from the library for their research.

Consult the summary to find out the topics covered.

All About Money book Contents:

Part 1: Understanding money

6 What is money? 8 The history of money 10 money in the world 12 Budget for money 14 What is a bank? 16 What is credit? 17 Credit Cards 18 Debt 19 Good debt versus bad debt

Part 2: Understanding the Path

22 ways people make money 24 employees 26 Independent 28 Entrepreneur 28 What is the company? 30 Investor 32 What are taxes? 33 Forms of taxes 34 1040 Tax return of individuals in the United States 36 Ignore the taxes or rather not? 37 The history of taxes 38 What is government? 40 forms of government 41 Public revenue 42 Who is the president?

Part 3: Understanding the basic economics

46 What is the economy? 48 Microeconomics and macroeconomics 50 Rarity, choice and opportunity cost 52 Needs and desires in economics 54 Goods and services 56 Price, cost, salary and wages 58 Application 60 Contracts 62 Supply and demand 64 Production 68 Distribution 69 Consumption 70 Trade 71 What is an operation? 72 Import and export 74 Circular revenue stream 76 Gross domestic product (GDP) 77 US real GDP 78 GDP in the United States. 79 Economic cycle 80 What is inflation? 82 Inflation, Depression and Recession 84 How Printing Money Affects the Economy 86 Unemployment 88 What is a market? 92 Types of market structure 94 National debt of the United States 96 Capitalism 98 Socialism 100 communism 102 economics and law 104 The role of government in the economy

Part 4: Paper Times Hard - Be the reporter

108 The Great Depression (1930) 116 The Spanish Flu (1918) 124 Second World War (1939-1945) 132 The Great Plague (1665) 140 The COVID-19 Pandemic (2020) 148 Current economic news

All About Money Book author

Sarah Janisse Brown is a pen and ink artist, dyslexia specialist, world traveler, pancake pinball machine, potty trainer, happy wife, and home-study mother of ten. The Brown family founded The Thinking Tree Publishing Company in 2009 and publishes ready-to-use dyslexia program and therapy books. They focus on the needs of active and creative children who learn differently.

Sarah started creating unique activity books in 2008 to help her dyslexic children learn to read, write and spell. Its aim is to encourage creativity and help each child develop their talents, skills and abilities. Learn more about her unique home schooling methods in her little book "How to Home School."

Sarah's most popular activity books are her wonderful "Homeschooling Curriculum Diaries". Moms love books because they help kids become more independent in their learning while using FREE library books at the heart of their curriculum. Children love books because they are fun and interesting. The books use the Open Dyslexic font, so they are easy to read for all children, even those with dyslexia. The books include many right brain activities to help children remember without memorizing. Most of the activities are based on the concepts “Direct learning from fun” and “Organized dropout” - Sarah calls it Fun-Schooling. Sarah has also been able to help over 10,000 children overcome their reading problems through her play therapy for dyslexia.

As a writer, Sarah's stories have appeared in Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Above Rubies Magazine, Countryside Magazine, Mother Earth News and in several small newspapers. Sarah and her husband Joshua met at Calvary Chapel in Cincinnati, Ohio, when they were young teenagers and were married seven years later under brilliant blue Indiana skies. The first baby was born ten months later. He was so cute that they decided to have nine more. After several years of competing in the rat race and adding a new baby to the family every year or two, the couple decided to pack their bags and pursue their childhood dreams. So in 2012 the family gave up on the American dream, sold everything (or gave it away, as most of it was garbage from sales and thrift stores) and moved to Europe. Josh sold his IT services business and Sarah resigned from her post on Fortville City Council, where she had served as vice president. To survive, they started selling exercise books for dyslexic children online. You can read more about Sarah's family in the book "Windows to Our World".

Joshua and Sarah are the developers of the Creative Program and Therapy for Children with Dyslexia, Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. They are committed to helping children struggling with school, as Sarah once did, as well as their dyslexic daughters. Their online business -, allows them to live and work anywhere on earth ... with an internet connection. The family recently appeared on the House Hunters International reality show, when they moved from Fortville, Indiana to Veneto, Italy. In Indiana, the Browns were famous for the unruly urban farm, complete with goats and ducks, which they created in their backyard on Main Street.

Browns now enjoy a life filled with love, adventure, sailing, service and learning wherever they go. The family now travel the world together and lead a life of missionary work, school fun, and travel. They have lost many trains, planes and buses, but they never miss the things that matter like love and laughter! Since 2015, they have served in Eastern Europe as missionaries.

In his free time, he fills his journals with poems and prayers, paints murals and says “yes” without thinking of every child who asks to keep a stray kitten.

All About Money Book reviews


I love this journal. It's a fantastic journal that covers so much about the economy and how money works in society. It's a journal, which means it doesn't fill the blank binder, but more suggestions for books to read and a place to literally write down what you've learned. I think many books that sort out Thinking Tree expect a traditional exercise book and not a journal. All About Money seems to be a bit of both in one book. I love it! There are suggestions for topics...


I love all the Thinking Tree books! They motivate my daughter to learn when she doesn't really like school. I probably love them more than she ... where were they when I was growing up?!? The best part is we learn together!

Amazon Customer

They are excellent business books. They explore all the concepts of money in detail! Economy, supply and demand, labor market, stock market, etc. Even the end has pandemic issues! My daughters (12 years old) have learned a lot! I am so happy to have received them! A must buy to help tweens to teens

Fall Marble

I love this book! I have a degree in Commercial Art and am learning many interesting aspects of economics from my 13 year old son. I also suggest buying the recommended book with this penny candy book.

brooke katz

I'm really excited about this book for my kids, even if I wasn't home schooling I would absolutely buy it for them and our whole family and here are my reasons ....

It covers everything you can imagine about finance, economics, and history and government responsibility. They cover the basics of money, economics, business, ECT investing.

They cover the history and how things impacted the economy with the great depression of the Spanish flu and still today with the covid 19 virus.

They cover understanding the basics of economics. Love the layout, easy to follow, they implement different media platforms ranging from writing, art, ECT video books ...

This layout and questions really encourage self-study as you do your research with the guide If you need a little help there is a Facebook group with some great resources just for this book !! It's called (All About Money: Business, Economics, and Home Education Government.)

Jennifer n

Especially now is a good time to learn more about the economy! We love how well thought out the program is, from learning the history of money to world currencies and more, this has definitely been a favorite with kids and we love our Thinking books. Tree! As an adult I learn so much too !!

Katrina Channel

We are using this book as an economics lesson for my eighth grade child and my sixth grade child. We believe that by learning about money, the budget and the economy, they will be better prepared for life. Using the book What Happened to Penny Candy? by Ronald J. Maybury and other books and videos will provide a better understanding of how businesses work. My eighth grader will read and research more in depth to highlight this for high school credit.

All About Money reviews
Lawrence H. Lazcovitz London

I think All About Money is that popular for a reason - Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown did a really good job
All About Money reviews
yourlawyer2020 Putz Melbourne

You can`t run busness without reading All About Money by Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown . Nuff said.
All About Money reviews
Michael Prague

As of 2024-07-20, I suppose that All About Money by Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown is still among the best books in its niche. Brilliant!
All About Money reviews
Andrew2001 Gupta Wilmington

WOW. "All About Money"" is a really good one on this topic. Honestly, haven`t read any other books from Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown , but he seems to be real genius!
All About Money reviews
Christine TX

All About Money ebook is a good option. I wouldn`t recommend to buy a hardcover, but for me the digital version worked well. Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown is a top-level prefessional!
All About Money reviews
thegreenone Cox New York

1) Must read. 2) Must read. 3) Must read. P.S. Many thanks Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown for this book - All About Money is simply the best!!!
All About Money reviews
Amelie_1998 Smith Berlin

Surely All About Money is among the must-read books for every entrepreneur. Bravo Margarita Brown, Isaac Joshua Brown !