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Disruptive technologies are rapidly changing the playing field by decreasing the barriers to entry. More mature organizations are increasingly prone to being highly complex and potentially slow to innovate, and lag behind in delivering new solutions to their customers. These organizations find themselves competing with smaller organizations and startups that are able to rapidly produce products that fit customer needs. This speed of change will continue to drive large organizations to adopt an agile mindset in order to stay competitive and keep their existing market share

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Agile Practice Guide by Project Management Institute

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Welcome to the Agile Practice Guide! This guide was developed as a collaborative effort by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Agile Alliance®. The members of the core writing team who developed this practice guide included volunteers from both organizations, drawing on subject matter expertise from a broad range of current practitioners and leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures.

This practice guide provides practical guidance geared toward project leaders and team members adapting to an agile approach in planning and executing projects. While our core writing team recognizes there is staunch support to use predictive approaches and conversely, passion around shifting to an agile mindset, values, and principles, this practice guide covers a practical approach to project agility. This practice guide represents a bridge to understanding the pathway from a predictive approach to an agile approach. In fact, there are similar activities between the two, such as planning, that are handled differently but occur in both environments. Our core writing team used an agile mindset to collaborate and manage the development of this first edition of the practice guide. As technology and culture changes, future updates and refinements to the practice guide will reflect current approaches.

Our core team adopted a more informal, relaxed writing style for this practice guide than is typical for PMI standards. The guide incorporates new elements, such as tips, sidebars, and case studies to better illustrate key points and concepts. Our team intends for these changes to make this practice guide more readable and user-friendly.

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review by Michael Henry

This time around, I decided to rate multiple Agile Guides using the same criteria listed in my PMP Guide Reviews. Obviously, there was a need to revise / adapt the criteria to meet the unique requirements of Agile project management compared to the traditional waterfall approach. In other words, my ratings were based on the extent to which a given Agile publication meets the requirements set by PMI,, and applicable industry standards.

As to why I chose to review Agile guides, it's simple. I understand that PMI will institute new guidelines regarding their PMP certification requirements. Part of the new requirement will include proficiency testing in the application of agile methodologies (50% of PMP exams?). More importantly, I know (I have many contacts in major industries) major players such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Apple, Boeing, Raytheon and various pharmaceutical companies all looking to migrate their systems to an agile project. model.

review by Marta

I bought a book, the seller of which turned out to be "premium-books-europe". Unfortunately I made the mistake of not checking the seller's profile because, from the name, I expected it to be in Europe; instead... surprise of surprises... when I get the book... the postman asks me 9.90 euros for customs clearance costs. I check the stamps on the package, and in fact it is shipped from Miami, Florida, USA! It would be good to have more transparency on costs.

review by Amazon Customer

For the price, it's a very short book indeed, and although the latest version of the PMI ACP exam has been updated to be in-line with this book, I really don't think you need to buy this book as everything is covered in the list. of recommended readings and exam books already on the market. The reason for leaving the review is that I saw several reviews from a star saying that they had difficulty reading the pages because they were on gray paper (an anti-copy measure). The pages and type are crystal clear on my copy, which I read under a variety of lights, so I don't know what happened to other people's copies.

This practice guide goes beyond addressing the use of agile in the computer software development industry, because agile has expanded into non-software development environments. Manufacturing, education, healthcare and other industries are becoming agile to varying degrees and this use beyond software is within the scope of this practice guide.

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Tom Lazcovitz Prague

well...Agile Practice Guide is surely the best I`ve read on the topic
Agile Practice Guide reviews
clar Lazcovitz Berlin

Well, the "Agile Practice Guide"" PDF is not the easiest one to read, neither it`s a simplest one to understand. Although, it`s a MUST!
Agile Practice Guide reviews
thegreenone Summers Melbourne

I really enjoyed this book - Project Management Institute did an awesome job! Probably Agile Practice Guide is the best book I read last years
Agile Practice Guide reviews
Andrew2001 Gupta Los Angeles

Got a kindle version of Agile Practice Guide - really amazing! Project Management Institute one love :)
Agile Practice Guide reviews
Lawrence H. NY

Project Management Institute thank you so much for this book! Agile Practice Guide is incredibly insighful!
Agile Practice Guide reviews
Jack Wilmington

1) Must read. 2) Must read. 3) Must read. P.S. Many thanks Project Management Institute for this book - Agile Practice Guide is simply the best!!!
Agile Practice Guide reviews
Radj Putz Toronto

I think Agile Practice Guide is that popular for a reason - Project Management Institute did a really good job