Which Resource Management task deploys or activates Personnel and Resources

This is a typical question within FEMA Emergency Management Institute course.

A. Mobilize

B. Track and Report

C. Identify Requirements

D. Order and Acquire

The answer is Mobilize.

Mobilize is the resource management task that allocates or activates personnel and resources.
In case of notification through the established channels, the mobilization of personnel and other resources begins.
This is done by a human resources manager who is responsible for distributing manpower and resources during incidents.

Which Resource Management task deploys or activates Personnel and Resources

Resources such as consumables, equipment, and personnel are required to address critical incident challenges. The flow and resources must be flexible and adaptable to the needs of the incident.
Resource management is about responding quickly to incidents. Emergency management and event response requires manageable resources to meet incident needs. Managed resources include personnel, teams, facilities, supplies, and equipment.

Using resource management concepts such as inventory, organization, typing, and tracking makes it easier to deploy, submit, and recover assets during, before, and after an incident.
Resource management must be flexible and scalable to adapt to change. Efficient and efficient deployment of resources requires resource management principles and concepts throughout the entire incident response and emergency management phase.

Which Resource Management task deploys or activates Personnel and Resources: MOBILIZATION

Mobilization means that when an incident occurs, resources are required for the site of the incident. Mobilizing resources for incidents is called mobilization. This is a primary resource management task that deploys and activates personnel and resources during an incident.

Specified protocols are followed when resources are required to mobilize to incidents and restore resources to normal state.

For example, moving resources to an incident area, with more detailed resources filling the void, filling deployment resources behind them.

Which resource management task deploys or activates personnel and resources?

Which resource management activities also determine the type, amount of receiving location and user of the resources?

Verified by Response Expert Requirement identification is a resource management activity performed in the event of an incident that determines the type and amount of resources needed, identifies where resources should be sent, and recognizes who is receiving and using resources.

What resource management activity also identifies and verifies that the staff is qualified? Answer: Credentials. Explanation: because the certificates determine the qualifications of the authorized specialists.

In this way, which resource management activity includes enabling local resource requirements?

The mobilization activity is the resource management activity, which includes the activation of local resource requests.

What NIMS management role includes maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventories of personnel equipment and materials teams?

Answer: The NIMS management function, which includes maintaining accurate and up-to-date inventories of personnel, equipment, teams, and supplies, is comprehensive asset management.