UWM Blockchain Platform

After an explosive growth in 2017, the blockchain industry is now experiencing a next hype cycle period which is characterised by higher level of consciousness, reasonable and well-planned strategies and improved tech.

UWM Blockchain Platform

Apart from the numerous quasi-blockchain services that are essentially using Euthereum, there is also a niche of more sophisticated crypto projects with a solid blockchain basis.

To create your own cryptocurrency you can make use of the UWIM.io platform which is designed to provide a standardised blockchain token for your own needs.

How to create a token using UWIM.io

With its user-friendly interface, UWIM allows you to create your token in a few steps using the built-in composer and an essential pack of smart contracts. For now the token creation is free - moreover, you will be granted a UWM coin.


Here is the list of the built-in standards for user tokens created via UWIM.io platform. 

My – basic token for personal usage to get you or your team recognised;

Drop – loyalty program token to appreciate subscribers/clients actions;

Thx – a token for the audience to thank you or your team;

StartUp – crowd funding token to raise startup money;

Business – token to raise money for existing business development;

Trade token;

Payable – crowd investing token to get extra benefits.

Investing in UWM tokens

Staring from September 2020, the UWM tokens became highly popular to make money with cryptocurrency. The price before listing is expected to be about $2, whereas the current price is twice lower. Total amount of tokens sold has already exceeded 1 million, including various crypto communities and investors. According to the UWIM.io analytics, the expected value of UWM in Q1-Q2 2022 is $8-$12 with a sound growth potential.

For the moment you can purchase UWM tokens and get 5%-12% monthly income depending on the steak size.

ICO coming this summer

UWM ICO is planned for August, 2021 and will allow you to monetise your tokens via selling them on cryprocurrency exchange platforms regardless of your residence. To participate in ICO you can also buy UWM tokens at the presale price before it starts. As of June 2021, there are more than 10 000 users with $10 000-$50 000 steak and a number of major investors with $100 000+ steak.

Referral program

The UWIM.io referral program allows you to get up to 8% income using affiliate link. The exact number depends on the total value with 100,500,1000 and 10 000 milestones.