Tony Robbins: why he is so popular

Anthony Robbins is one of the highest paid motivational trainers. He is incredibly popular and people are willing to pay incredible amounts of money for his performances. For example, in 2018, his show attracted 26 thousand people, and the cost of tickets started from a thousand dollars and ended in tens of thousands. But despite the fact that there were many who wanted to hear the famous speaker, some of the visitors were unhappy. In the reviews, people wrote that they had not heard anything new, and called his performance "the most expensive disco in their life." In particular, he is the author of best selling Money Master the Game book.

Today, using this story as an example, we will talk about motivational speakers / speakers / trainers: why are they so popular and what to expect from such performances? And are they worth it?

First, let's figure out who collects the halls and stadiums and why. Such people can be roughly divided into three groups:


These are people whose performance is energizing. Most likely, you will not hear anything new from them, their purpose is not at all to share "secrets of success". To be honest, all this knowledge is not so secret: if you want success - act, if you want to overcome fear - go to meet it. All of these truths are commonplace precisely because they work.

But not always and not everyone has the strength and energy to follow them. Motivational speakers help you set yourself up for action. Such a person's good performance helps to really hear what we already knew.


This group includes those who, in their speeches, share specific knowledge from their field. That is, they talk about what needs to be done and give the appropriate tools. Their performances are needed by those who are already tuned in to active actions and are doing something, but want to spend their energy purposefully.

Tony Robbins: why he is so popular


This includes people looking to capitalize on popular topics. As you can probably guess, the degree of conscientiousness of these characters can be very different. Unfortunately, there are many among them who imitate professionalism, but in fact just want to sell more tickets. In advertising, they say what people want to hear, and they also like to use unethical sales tools. For example, they convince potential buyers that something is wrong with them, and only thanks to the seminar / training / presentation they will be able to “correct”.

Therefore, it is always worth checking who is performing. If you are interested in the knowledge and experience of a person who has built a successful business, then there is no point in going to listen to a motivational speaker. Nothing but general, although energetic phrases you will not hear there.

It also matters who and for what reasons goes to such events. A person cannot be forced to buy something if he has no motive to do so. So why are people willing to pay big bucks for such performances?

Belief in miracles

The unbreakable desire of people is easy, simple and quick to find a solution to a complex problem. “Lose weight in three days without sports and diets”, “Get rid of low self-esteem in one consultation with a psychologist” - we understand very well that this is unrealistic, but such advertising is still effective. It is on faith in a miracle that the offers of those wishing to earn are mainly calculated. Like, go to one such performance - and your life will immediately change for the better.

Need for support

Most often it occurs in people who understand well: for success you need to work, there will be no freebies. They are ready to plow, but not only knowledge and perseverance, but also support is important for success. You need someone to believe in a person, motivate him, help him not to give up. There are those who use this energy for personal breakthrough, and there is a category of people who attend such events not for results, but for constant emotional recharge.

Special condition

The same phrase uttered by different people is perceived differently. To understand something, sometimes you need to hear it many times, from different people and … in a certain state. A person hears things that are important to him only when he himself is internally ready for this. Trainings, seminars and presentations by motivational speakers can change both the state of a person and the way he perceives information. Especially if it is pronounced by a charismatic person in a good suit, with a dazzling smile and the "aura" of a winner.

Fear of success

Underneath all of these motives is often a deeper fear of success. Psychologists have noticed that many people seem to want to be successful and happy, but often do everything to sabotage these very success and happiness. It turns out that even the most desirable state has a downside. Many people are unconsciously afraid not of what will not work, but of what will happen.

They are frightened by external evaluation, possible rejection by loved ones (unfortunately, we often pay for any changes by changing the environment), responsibility and uncertainty. Someone from childhood was told that successful people are heartless, and “money is evil”, someone simply did not see positive examples, and someone got pissed on the nose every time they were active. As a result, the conscious