Moving to a new apartment in Seattle

Crossing is a chilly process that takes time, utmost attention, accuracy of actions. We will tell you how to organize the transfer to the new apartment, so that he passed as easily as possible.

Three ways of organizing travel

The most simple, budgetary option is the most efficient organization of the process. In this case, it is necessary to collect things, transport them according to a new address, after which they are to be repacked and installed. Of course, for this you can invite family members, friends, staff members. You also need a car with a preference, or a small payload car. This method of travel is most economically profitable, since it does not require payment of labor of third-party people for unloading, unloading, transportation of goods. However, to organize the correct crossing, you will need a little effort, free time.

Moving to a new apartment in Seattle

The second way of a quarter-drive is self-packing of things with a subsequent hiring of loaders for their transportation, taking them to a new home. The disadvantages of this option include inadequacies of some employees, lack of agreement, guarantees for the preservation of property. In addition, the feeders can increase the initial operating price after the work has been completed.

However, three methods are considered most convenient. For this, homeowners use the services of Seattle movers. Its specialists are engaged in organizing travels on the basis of one delightful point. They also know how to start traveling to another city and help with it. In addition, they provide the necessary packing materials - boxes, tape, film, etc. All provided services are paid at the in advance of the agreed price, specified in the contract. In addition, the company guarantees the preservation of things, observance of deadlines. One move to another apartment with the help of a muting firm has a disadvantage - this is a high cost of services, of course, you save time, strength, nerves.

Moving to a new apartment in Seattle


Before you travel to another city, where do you not know to start? Independently of whether you change the place of residence in the same city, or move to another deliberate point, the algorithm of action will be the same as an example. It is a big mistake to postpone the collection until the last moment. It just seems that all living things are easy to collect by packing in a couple of hours. Ha, more often than not, a situation arises when the drivers have already arrived, and the client is not ready. To avoid this, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the list of tasks that you need to do in advance.

Steps to take when preparing to move

Many people ask our commercial movers Seattle how it is right to move to a new apartment to avoid xaoca. It is best to use a music bag. Let's put your things in bags of the same color, and the music in a different one. Now you don’t misunderstand them. Take it apart, everything that is being sorted out, after what has been done, pack it, mark it. For example, after changing the code, wrap the items of furniture with thick paper, and superxy air-bubble film. After this, on the surface of each detail, write the marker "comod". Put the furniture in a separate package, which is securely fixed on one of the parts. Please see the instructions if you saved them. This will speed up the process of assembling the furniture. Pack the tools for its recovery in a box with the first requirements. Before you decide "Let's pass!", On each box with a nasty preferences, make special notes: "Glass" or "Squeaky". For packing furniture (sofa, armchairs, sofas, mattresses) it is better to use a soft cloth, and to cover it with a good film, fix the clip.