How to promote your Pinterest account

How to promote your Pinterest account At first glance, the network looks almost invincible and extremely meaningless, but everything is simpler than it seems. How to start promoting your Pinterest account? You decided to create it - great. At first glance, the network looks almost invincible and extremely meaningless, but everything is simpler than it seems for social media content creators.

The very beginning. Choosing an account type

Pinterest has two types of accounts - personal and business. The latter option implies access to analytics. Register as a company at the time of creating an account or go from a previously created personal account by visiting the page Also, a business account allows you to create advertising campaigns to promote your pins. And, of course, business accounts have the option to use the extended Pins we talked about earlier.

Step one. Designing boards

The albums you attach images to are called boards. Come up with as many boards as possible that resonate with your brand. Whatever you sell and what services you provide, try to think as broadly as possible. Look for travel agencies or book publishers. Board with the most beautiful hotels, sunsets, seascapes, the best parks, lakes ... Thousands of ideas! And they are all yours. Children's products? Boards with fairy-tale characters, coloring pages, crafts for children, face painting schemes. In fact, as soon as you start, the network will throw you more and more ideas for new and new boards - this is the "magic" of Pinterest. A small addition - give the boards names in English or in two languages ​​separated by a slash - this will help to attract an overseas audience. Even if they do not become potential customers, let them subscribe to the page (and this will happen), since promotion in the Russian-speaking segment is still a problem. Do not despair, we will still catch up, so you need to create a page on Pinterest right now.

Step two. We think what and how to load or kick

Upload (attach) your own images and repint others 50/50. The fact that you contribute to the development of the community and add new images is great, but you need to interact with users. Authors of Pins you attach to yourself see the action alert and the board to which you attached their picture. She may interest a person and he will go to look at the collection you have collected. Do not forget to add a description to your Pins, the search here works on the principle of keywords. The ideal word count for a description is 150 to 300. Another great thing about Pinterest is that it doesn't ask you for image sizes. On the contrary, vertical and long images are held in high esteem here (for example, infographics). Like all other networks, learning content is highly valued on Pinterest. Make beautiful step-by-step instructions - subscribers will be happy. Especially if they can click the "Tested" button recently introduced by the network so that users can evaluate the accuracy of the information. If we post products, we write a price on them, if we promote a graphic representation of an article from a blog (a post converted into a graphic), then we make a large heading in the upper part of the image on a contrasting background. Pinterest currently offers six different types of extended Pins - take this to your arsenal.
Application pins. They allow you to attach a button to the image with a link to download the application. So far, only relevant for IOS. Pin places. Pin with a card, address and phone number. Pin articles. Image + title, which contains the article. Product pin. Can tell everything about how and where to buy a product. Pin with the recipe. Nicely and conveniently describes what to mix with what and how much to fry / boil it. Your subscribers will love it. Pins of films. With ratings and reviews from critics. Isn't it wonderful?

Step three. We attract celebrities and experts

In fact, there is practically no need to think about setting up an account on Pinterest - the network itself will tell you what to do and how to do it. Due to the fact that this social network is still gaining popularity and helps with a cheap social media marketing, you will have to put in some effort. With the number of new things Pinterest has to offer, find interesting people associated with your brand and invite them to create unique and original posts. With extended pins, you can fantasize endlessly - offer boards with author's selections of places / films / recipes from an expert or a star, collect thematic articles on boards that may be of interest to your subscribers, and much more!