Business process outsourcing companies in Australia

Are you thinking of using the services of the best BPO companies in Australia to save capital investments and costs, and then redirect those funds to your core activities? One of the main advantages of business process outsourcing companies in Australia is that they increase the speed of the business processes outsourced to them thanks to the excellent response time. When you outsource one of your business activities to BPO Services in Australia, you can count on exemplary services provided by qualified employees. After a detailed analysis of various parameters such as quality, ability, etc., Qualified.One has compiled a list of the best BPO companies in Australia.

Business process outsourcing companies in Australia

Business process outsourcing companies, also known as BPOs, figure prominently in the operational plans of nearly every large organization. But where do you find the right business strategy partner for your business?

Offshoring BPO services was once a niche marketing strategy serving a minority of industries. Today, this is the business approach that small, medium and large companies use to gain an edge over their competitors. Offshore Business Process Outsourcing is a powerful way that companies can benefit from benefits such as greater business growth, cost savings, increased workforce availability, and superior 24/7 customer support.

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

BPO is a method of outsourcing some or all of your internal business processes to a third party such as Datatime Services. We keep track of all incoming business documents and transform them into data that you can use.

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Business Process Outsourcing in Australia's Industry Trends (2015-2020)

survey Average industry growth 2015-2020: 3.1%

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) revenue has grown modestly over the past five years, largely in line with continued growth in Australian businesses. This growth has driven demand in the industry as more businesses outsource non-core processes to reduce overhead and streamline operations. Despite this trend, growing competition from overseas BPO suppliers is limiting revenue growth as these companies typically have access to lower payroll costs and can provide BPO services at lower prices. Overseas companies have a significant advantage over Australia-based BPOs because the industry relies on labor to deliver its services.

Qualified.One takes manual processing out of your office and offer a range of service-oriented solutions to save your business time and resources while ensuring your procedures are performed as efficiently as possible. Whether you're going through a period of growth, lacking the resources, or needing to free up your team, outsourcing your business documents to us has immediate benefits for your organization.

Choosing the best outsourcing companies to work for your type of business varies depending on your criteria. There are large outsourcing companies that will manage your account through an account manager, and there are these types of small to medium size outsourcing companies that usually cater to the smallest business, even the largest company.

When choosing the best business process outsourcing company in Australia, you should always remember to take the following factors into account:

Employee management Affordable fees Appropriate selection of employees Quality of equipment / tools used by the employee Employee attitude Language mastery

Traditionally, BPO outsourcing services include internal business functions, such as accounting and customer-related services, such as call center and marketing, data entry and IT solutions; they are tailored to meet the client's unique business requirements. Of course, many companies are apprehensive when considering their outsourcing options, especially considering the variety of offshore locations. OBP serves to put your fears aside and your search for a reliable offshore business process outsourcing company comes to an end.


Since there are tens of thousands of bpo companies worldwide, one of the first places to start finding your perfect BPO match is location - that is, defining which countries (or even cities) are best suited to meet your needs. your needs ... onshore in Australia, close to the coast in New Zealand or offshore in the Philippines, Fiji, South Africa or India? Consider the following to help narrow the field.


In most outsourcing business cases, cost is a key part of the equation. But it's not just about knowing if wages are cheaper in a particular country. There are also infrastructure and communication costs, as well as travel costs and the "hidden cost" of all the time and resources it takes to run a supplier in a place with a different culture (if you consider offshore). Then there is the volatility of the exchange rate, which can increase the price by double-digit percentages in a year if the prices with the BPO are not set in your currency. The cost of speed for proficiency is often forgotten - for example, in your home country it may only take a month for agents to fully update, but in another market you may have to consider a three-month startup time. Friction is a cost that isn't well understood - if there's low unemployment and a labor shortage, you may find that staff don't stay long and will promptly jump for a pay raise at the BPO around the corner. The cost of finding, hiring, and training replacement staff is significant, as is the cost to the company when inexperienced employees are constantly handling customer inquiries. In general, the wear and tear in large cities tends to be higher than in regional centers.

Business process outsourcing companies in Australia

Business and customer goals

Put simply, what are the drivers behind your business process outsourcing? To improve the customer experience? A cost-cutting mandate from the CFO? Or is it a response to the lack of technical skills available in Australia? Or maybe because you need a geographically different location in a second location for business continuity purposes? The answer to these questions provides valuable information about which countries to consider.


Accent is probably the most emotional and subjective factor in determining the optimal location when outsourcing call center activities. The outsourcing of business processes to New Zealand, Fiji and South Africa will indicate "neutral accent" as a competitive advantage over countries like India, or even the American accent in the Philippines. In fact, a large proportion of contact center workers in Australia were born overseas, so foreign accents at home are also common! Request sample accent .wav file.

Type of work

Individual countries or cities tend to develop basic skills compatible with the culture and workforce available. There is no shortage of business outsourcing firms in India to raise their hands on funeral insurance or to make an appointment for solar energy, but in Fiji you can only find one business process outsourcing company that is ready to take on this type of work . With technical support and withdrawal as exceptions, India's main strengths are non-voice processes such as accounting and human resource management, and customer interaction via web chat. Fiji, with its incredibly warm and friendly culture, is considered the ideal destination for customer service. In South Africa, the city of Durban has established itself as a “center of excellence” for sales and customer retention, while the Philippines retains its crown as the most popular BPO destination for Australian (and US) companies in general. In terms of back office, South Africa and Sri Lanka are hot spots for accounting outsourcing, reflecting the high per capita accounting graduates in these countries.

Work force

Think about the size, availability, and size of the workforce at a potential target destination. Selling by phone is an example of an activity that generally fails in smaller communities (less than 100,000 localities) in Australia and New Zealand because the workforce lacks deep sales talent. The same can be said for technical support.

On the other hand, customer service and commitment are doing well in regional environments, reinforced by grants from a government that wants to create jobs in areas of high unemployment.

As more and more routine process work is automated, outsourced work becomes increasingly complex, requiring the deeper skills and knowledge of BPO staff. The BPO industry associations in the Philippines and South Africa are actively seeking to move their countries up the value chain through qualification and training programs.


Reliable voice, data, and internet connectivity are essential to outsourcing, as is a secure environment. Countries that have a well-developed BPO industry tend to have excellent infrastructure, however, in each country there are business process outsourcing providers that compromise infrastructure to lower costs.

Opening hours

There is a generally accepted view that if everything else is the same, it is more desirable to outsource in a time zone where the team does not have to work overnight. This was the thinking behind the follow-the-sun strategy implemented by iiNet and many others. While most offshore providers offer 24/7 service, if all you need is service during Australian business hours, you may find that New Zealand is a better option than South Africa simply because of the time difference.


In an increasingly unstable and nationalistic world, the political climate has become more of a problem when considering outsourcing. Although the BPO industry is still growing in the Philippines, some of President Duterte's statements have raised concern among buyers of third-party services, and militants in the south of the country have also caused nervousness.

The frequency of natural disasters in different parts of the world also needs to be assessed, along with the infrastructure to support them. Noteworthy is the experience of Fiji's largest BPO firm, whose staff continued to answer calls throughout the most powerful cyclone to ever hit Asia-Pacific - the center was purpose-built to withstand extreme weather events and staff felt safer on the job. than at home.


Direct access to flights is highly desirable, as outsourcing requires regular trips to the offices of the business process outsourcing company you have chosen to work with. And the shorter the flight, the more attractive it is. So while Poland may be a great choice for a UK business, the 4 hour flight to Suva or the 3 hour flight to Auckland would make a lot more sense for businesses in Sydney, for example.

Business process outsourcing companies in Australia

Australian representation

If you are moving from work overseas you might want to consider whether the supplier is engaged enough in the australian market to have a field representative here. That can mean a few fewer night calls and make it easier for you to knock on a door in the event of a major problem.

Business process outsourcers (also known as BPOs, Call Center Outsourcers or the more modern term Contact Center Outsourcers) is the general term used for companies that provide services on their behalf, as essential customer management functions, including customer service , telemarketing, incoming calls, sales, customer service, complaints, outbound calls and technical support, as well as non-customer-facing functions such as accounting, data entry and so on. As such and to avoid confusion, business process outsourcing is broadly divided into two functions:

Front-office business process outsourcing

In the world of customer experience and call center, BPOs typically refer to using third party outsourcing companies to handle their primary calls or overflow, as well as live chat, e-mails, complaints processing, telemarketing, sales, support technical and much more - essentially any activity where there is interaction with the customer involved. This category lists all BPOs below, or you can search by country including Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, South Africa, India, Fiji and companies with full Global Solutions.

Back-office business process outsourcing

These are traditionally non-customer related activities such as payroll, human resources (HR), form processing, accounting, and more. As these are unique features and skills, search for suppliers in the Backend Outsourcing category - Australia, Philippines, or India.

A mix of the two options

Modern business process outsourcers are also moving towards providing full service outsourcing, combining the advantages of front office and back-office functions with services such as campaign management, digital design, correspondence and more.