TAKING MY LIFE BACK: Based on a True Story


TAKING MY LIFE BACK: Based on a True Story

by Denis Murphy
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Taking my Life Back by Denis Murphy depicts an insightful journey of how to break away from the social stigma and mental labels that have branded so many of us since childhood.

The story begins in rural France where the main character experiences a mental break from reality. This break from reality ultimately leads to some fundamental questions surfacing. These questions are the initial thoughts that create the journey ahead.

Throughout the book the author articulates some of the personal trials he was faced with as he navigates his way through paranoia, hallucinations and addictive behaviours. In doing so he creates a structure for those people looking to overcome the traumatic me-against-the-world/kill-or-be-killed mentality in favour of gaining the emotional intelligence needed to rewrite the script, plot and setting of their past, present and future.

If you’re the type of person who’s ready to truly find your own distinct self as opposed to striving to become what you think society and other people want you to be then reading Taking my Life Back will bring you closer to a lifestyle of becoming an optimist of opportunity in even the smallest of moments.

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