Replacement (The Lost Clone Book 1)

Teen & Young Adult

Replacement (The Lost Clone Book 1)

by Jordan Rivet
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Jane is a leftover clone. Created for an unknown purpose, then abandoned at a rundown facility outside Grid City, she has a knack for trouble and a burning desire to find out why she was made.

When a powerful tycoon hires her to replace his son Isaac’s best friend, a girl from the same clone batch as her, Jane jumps at the chance to finally get some answers. All she has to do is convince the charming Isaac that his friend is still alive, without getting too close to him. Stepping into someone else’s life isn’t easy, though, even when you have the same genes.

As Jane struggles to survive at Isaac’s elite private school, she discovers the other clone’s death was no accident — and she might be next. She must solve her batchmate’s murder and unravel the mystery of their origins before the killer comes for her too.

Read the exciting new dystopian science fiction series from the author of Wake Me After the Apocalypse! Perfect for fans of Uglies, Divergent, and Orphan Black.