Fire Demon Dawn (Phantom Frost)


Fire Demon Dawn (Phantom Frost)

by Alfred Wurr
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He vowed to protect the Institute against all threats… even supernatural ones.

Harland hasn’t had a week this bad since the CIA. Sure, keeping the Bodhi Institute’s secrets isn’t easy at the best of times. But it’s a lot harder when the secret is an ice-white snow being named Shivurr, and he’s running loose across the Nevada desert.

It stings more too, when it’s someone you thought of as kind of a friend.

But finding the frosty guy is going to have to wait. Research sites studying ancient relics have come under attack by molten lifeforms, hurling fire. No one seems to have a clue what they want or where they’re coming from. And the things aren’t talking. Whatever their motive, it’s Harland’s job to end their rampage.

If he can. Any way he can.

Still reeling from the most recent attack, he’s sure of only one thing. It’s going to be a hell of a morning…